Sheikh Khalifa Abul Faidi awarded as Man of Peace

At the recent pilgrimage by members of Tariqa Tijaniyya Muslims in Ghana to Prang, the district capital of Pru West in the Brong Ahafo region, the Spiritual Leader of the Group, Sheikh (Khalifa) Abul Faidi Abdullah Ahmad Mai Kano was honored as MAN OF PEACE by the various Embassies in the country and other organizations.

Notable among them are the Iranian Consulate in Ghana, the Norwegian Embassy and Algerian Embassy and the Jallo Foundation and COMOG have all accorded Khalifa Abul Faidi as Peace Maker religious personality in the country.

The gathering which could be described as the largest crowd of Muslims ever for a particular event in the country so far were graced various personalities from the religious domain as well politicians and foreign and diplomatic corps.

In a citation present to Khalifa Abul Faidi by the Jallo Foundation read, “The Muslim community, the Christian community, both young and old, the government and the foreign diplomatic corps, have all accepted and agreed that PEACE is hallmark of Sheikh Khalifa Abul Faidi and truly a man of Peace.”

Also, Iranian Consulate representative in Ghana in his remarks at the Friday prayers related that, “‘Assalam’ which means ‘Peace’ is one of the ninety nine names of Allah, He therefore sent the sealed of prophet hood (Muhammad Rassululah) to propagate Islam (Peace and Submission). Every Muslim is therefore supposed to smoke the peace pipe and dialogue in order to have prevailing peace necessary for human co-existence. This is what we see in Sheikh Khalifa Abul Faidi and today we acknowledge for characteristic worth emulating.”

His outfit on the on behalf of the Iranian government extend invitation to the Spiritual leader of Tariqa Tijaniyya in Ghana to an all religious affair summit to held in Iran at a later date.

The Algerian Ambassador to Ghana, His Execellency Farouk Bouhaza in his remarks noted that, in his life time as a diplomatic has not witnessed such a crowd of Muslims gathered for an event as he saw at Prang at the three-day pilgrimage of the Tijaniyya sect in the country with some pilgrimage coming from other countries in the West African sub-region.

He alluded that, all these people could have come all because of the good leadership of the leaders of the Tariqa Tijaniyya Council in the country. He therefore thanked and asked all fellows to emulate the lifestyle of the Spiritual Leader.

Sheikh Khalifa Abul Faidi in his remarks when he addressed the overwhelming crowd before the Friday congregational prayers acknowledge the tireless effort of the leadership of the Tijaniyya Council that has yielded continues result of increase in numbers of pilgrims to the annual event which also marks the life celebration of the late Sheikh Alhaji Abdullahi Ahmad Maikano (Baba Jalloo) (R.A).

Sheikh Alhaji Abdullahi Ahmad Maikano (Baba Jalloo) was known in his life time as a true and faithful scholar whose interest lied mainly in prayers (salat, both obligatory and supererogatory) remembrance of Allah (Azkar), repentance and seeking for forgiveness from the Almighty Allah (istighfar), habitual reading of the Holy Quran, saying numerous “Durood” upon the holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and making research. All these habitual deeds are Quranic and traditionally prophetic.

Sheikh Khalifa Abul Faidi also sent his words of condolence to government and people of France, Norway, Russia and China for the loss of their citizens and loved family members in the recent bomb attack by unidentified persons at a stadium in France.

In appreciation of the contribution of all institutions and individuals who have been supporting the group’s activities, Sheikh Khalifa Abul Faidi presented citation for recognition of efforts to the Norwegian King and Ambassador, France’s Deputy Head of Mission, Algerian Ambassador, Kuwait Embassy, Saudi Embassy, Coalition of Muslim Organisations in Ghana, Alhaji Mohammed Awal C.E.O of the Finder Newspaper among others.

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