Sex For Roles Is Real — Actress

She is relatively new in the movie industry but actress Jessica Naa Nuerkie Larnyoh is determined not to join the league of actresses who have had to offer sex in order to get roles.

The sex for roles matter is something that has trended in the movie industry for a while now. While many players believe it is an open secret, not much evidence has been provided to back those claims. Yet, many aspiring actresses continue to lament the practice.

For Jessica however, that is not an option she is willing to consider.

Although she would not mention names, the Bachelors actress in an interview with Graphic Showbiz revealed that the sex for roles phenomenon was real saying she had been propositioned by some producers and directors who had offered her roles if only she would go to bed with them or have a relationship with them.

“Initially, when I started, yes I had some of them coming to me with various demands but I thank God I stood my ground and did not give in and today I am here.

“This is a decision I took when my acting career started about two years ago. I believe in hard work and perseverance. The question is, how many of these directors or producers can you sleep with to get a role? Am I going to sleep with them for every movie? Never, I will not,” she said.

She believes the decision to give in to those demands for sex is a personal one and she cannot speak against those who have done so.

“For me, it is their personal decision and I respect that. The thing is, we are different people with different backgrounds so if others decide to do that, they can go ahead. After all, we all have our right to freedom.

“But for my family and I, we do not believe in that. Though it might take time, I believe that it will one day come to pass and I am willing to wait till it’s my turn to hit the top,” she said.

Jessica, a graduate of the Central University College began her career as a model. She won the first Miss Teen Ghana at age 15, with time, her love for acting developed.

She has starred in movies like Stalemate, True Lies, I Do and the yet-to-be released, The Table. She has also played roles in several series which have aired on TV and online.

She’s also worked with Eazzy, D Black and Nigeria’s MI as a video vixen.

An entrepreneur, Jessica set up the Phaze Modelling Agency to train young people who have the passion for modelling. She’s currently the CEO of Walk-in Masseuse.

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