Sefa Kaye Still Leads ..With ‘Kokrokoo’ Morning Show

The year 2015 is almost ended with Kwame Sefa Kayi still dominating the Ghanaian radio airwaves as host of the radio morning show with the largest audience and radio reach in the country – ‘Kokrokoo’ on Peace 104.3 Fm.

Not only did the 2015 edition of the annual Radio and Television Personality Awards (RTP) judge ‘Kokrokoo’ as the overall ‘Best Radio Morning Show’ in the country, but the show has also been ranked the most listened to and the show with the widest radio reach by several of the media surveys and researches conducted during the year.

Many argue that the relatively longer number of years ‘Kokrokoo’ has aired and the fact that it is a predominantly Akan-speaking show give it leverage over the other morning shows on radio.

A more meticulous observation however indicates that the host and producers of ‘Kokrokoo’ must be doing something extra than just relying on the medium of communication.

The host is unique—a professional broadcast journalist with over a decade and a half experience, an entertainer, an actor, a theatre person, a director, a good team player and has a solid production team that has remained a team for over ten years.

The show also stands out for its intriguing regular studio panel made up of celebrated headline news makers.

Sefa, as a person, commands a lot of self respect and credibility. He has remained apolitical although he maintains a good rapport with almost every known political figure in the country.

‘Kokrokoo’ is one of the very few morning radio shows which appeal to a heterogeneous audience ranging from persons in the corporate world, the clergy, small scale business owners, academics, lovers of politics, the creative arts community, the unemployed and even the media fraternity who consider the show as a credible reference point or source of breaking news.

The host, Sefa Kayi, responds to the appellation ‘Chairman General’ and has maintained a hallmark for fairness, intelligence and maximum respect for all when hosting his show.

‘Chairman General’ appeals to persons of all ages and backgrounds and has the boldness and self confidence to ask questions his peers would ordinarily shy away from. He also has a rather probing mind which makes him delve into the fine details of almost every issue discussed on his show.

‘Kokrokoo’ has a very huge following, an enviable public appeal. Some of its followers have however had cause to complain that sometimes the host does not start the programme early and listeners have to remain tuned in listening to commercials.

Interestingly, this happens when other rival morning shows are in full swing.

‘Kokrokoo’ won the CIMG Radio Programme of the Year Award (2004 and 2007) and the Radio and Television Programme Award (RTPA) for Best Morning Show several times.

Sefa Kayi also scooped the Morning Show Host of the Year (Radio) at the RTPA several times.

Then at the 20th Arts Critics and Reviewers Association of Ghana Awards in 2008, Sefa Kayi was adjudged the Best Male Radio Personality.

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