Say No to alcoholism, hooliganism- NJA College Principal counsels matriculants

The Principal of Nustrat Jahan Ahmadiyya (NJA) College of Education, Ismail Hasmawu has admonished students to stay away from alcohol, hooliganism and examination malpractices.

Speaking at the 6th matriculation ceremony of the college in Wa, she described such practices as ”life sucking bugs” which has the potential of destroying their future.

”Your destiny is in your own hands. What you do today determines your future. Without discipline and hard work it will be difficult to succeed in any field of life. These are the nuts and bolts of a total education of the individual,” she stressed.

Nustrat Jahan Ahmadiyya (NJA) training College of Education was first established in 1970 as a girl’s academy.

It started on borrowed facilities before attracting the attention from government and was given a facelift.

As a college of education, they pride themselves as a centre of excellence for training quality teachers for the country.

The college has also provided the platform for the provision of sound teacher education in an attempt to transform hearts, hands and heads.

Products of the College are found in every part of the country manning respectable and strategic positions and performing their professional duties.

Mrs Ismail implored the matriculants to be receptive to all the good things that could come their way and work extra hard in their co-curricular activities.

She stated that the college abhors any form of intimidation, abuse, ridicule, harassment or infringement on the fundamental human rights of any student.

”Our religious beliefs and practices must enhance life, fraternity and the general well being.

‘The golden rule, do unto others what thou wishes them to do unto you is found in all religions. That’s the reason why we as a faith group have carved out this simple phrase love for all, hatred for none”

Mrs, Ismail conceded that due to the peculiar nature of the entry requirements the college couldn’t admit the requisite number of students.

However, only 254 students comprising 187 males and 67 females were admitted.

Among them are two visually impaired persons.

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