Sandra Ankobiah discloses that People are just Sad, Bitter & Hating on her for just No Reasons

Former Miss Ghana finalist, Fashionista, TV Host and Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah over the weekend made an appearance on the ‘hanging out with KOD’ show where she talked about her overly extravagant lifestyle, why she loves R2bess and more.

When asked by the host why it seems a lot of people just don’t like her activities on Instagram, and also how she would react to people describing her as being too known and co. The queen of Instagram commented, “Can I help it? I can’t. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s my life. I don’t go and complain about their life. If they can’t help it, they should also put their life on Instagram as well”.

She added that she doesn’t perceive her lifestyle as an extravagant one, she said, “I just don’t see anything extravagant about my lifestyle, I think people are just sad, bitter and people hate what they don’t understand”.

On whether all these negative stuffs get to her, she commented, “It used to, but now, I just brush it off, and even do more postings. Sometimes I post certain things on purpose just to annoy them more and more. It’s my life. Why should you be upset about me posting a picture of me? People are just sad, bitter and hating on me just for no reasons”.

If you’ll recall, Sandra used to host a show on TV known as Fashion 101, when she was asked by the host why the show is now off our TV screens, she commented, “the backlash was just too much for me to bear; a lot of people just were not happy that they were been criticized on the show, and it was also partly due to sponsorship”. The delectable TV host added that preparations are far advanced to bring the show back on the TV screens.

For some time now, it has been rumoured that there exist a relationship between her and the leader of the Tema duo, R2bees. Sandra set records straight that there is nothing between her and Paedae, and that she loves R2bees as a whole, but not Paedae, and that there is nothing between her and Pae Deezy. She added that both of them are great friends, and that she even loves R2bees because of what they stand for, what they represent, and that she will continue to love the group to the maximum.

The exquisite TV host and Fashionista attended Services Basic School- Burma Camp, then to Akosombo International School, AIS for her secondary education, and then furthered her education at Buckingham University, where she studied Law. Sandra is now the co-host of TV3’s flagship program, New day.

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