Sachet Water Producers Call To Embrace Sanitation Day

The chairman of the Ashanti region sachet water producers association Mr. Frimpong Berfi is calling on Ghanaians to eagerly embrace the National Sanitation day as declared by government as means to help tidy up our environment.

The national sanitation day issue by government, declaring every last Saturday in a month for public cleaning in their respective area of jurisdiction, to help maintain and tidy up their environment which will help fight against viral diseases killing the good people of the country.

Speaking in an interview with ModernGhana, chairman of the association and director of Berfi drinking water and educational complex said, is time Ghanaians willingly support this laudable initiative saying that will help keep a very good health condition we are looking in this good country Ghana.

Disagreeing to those speaking against the motive he said, “Cleanliness leads to Godliness, and serving your self is not a taboo”, he stated.

He said the producers association in Kumasi as part of their social responsibility, in the past provided dust bins in the metropolis to help reduce excess filth on the streets and gutters. In view of this, the region section of the producers association collaborate the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), to support them with bye-laws.

The policies aiming to engage its members to contribute funds to work towards it goals lasted in short period due to the inability of the KMA to provide them with effective bye-laws to control it members.

According to him, though the policy was started but some few members objected to raising series of legal concern. But the KMA disappoint them, what they agreed by providing bye-laws to back it implementation.

He said, in 2013 upon several meetings with former KMA boss hon. Samuel Sarpong to sustain the implementation prevail null. Mr. Berfi expressed worry over the reluctant attitude by the KMA disappointment failure to provide them with effective bye-laws.

He added that, the association is still working to revive the policy to support that of the national sanitation day. He said, the policy could employ many people seeking jobs both graduates and non-graduates.

Mr. Berfi advised Ghanaians to fully participate in this exercise saying will help fight and control most preventable environmental health diseases.

Meanwhile, Mr. Berfi also lamented on some major problems affecting the sachet water industry saying, the frequent electricity power interruption is keeping most of them out of business. According to him, the failure of providing constant power supply is really affecting cost of productions.

He said, producers are going hurl on by not getting what they are paying for. This is getting most of the already existing producers out from business and new entrepreneurs out as well.

According to him, the cause of unstable power supply coupled with high cost of production materials is making it difficult to sustain most entrepreneurs in business therefore, increasing unemployment rate.

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