Saayooo!! Tension Mounts At Ridge Hospital

Information gathered by The Punch reveals that some staff of the Ridge Hospital in Accra have registered their displeasure against the appointment of Dr. Thomas Anaba as the Medical Director of the hospital.

The group, who are behind camera, according to a credible source at the hospital [name put on ice] is spearheaded by the Acting Medical Director, Emmanuel Srofenyo, who is using all tactics refusing to handover the seat to the newly appointed Medical Director.

The paper gathered, on Monday morning that, workers of the hospital resumed duty only to realize that the place has been decorated with red banners with all manner of inscriptions giving reasons they should not accept the appointment of Mr. Anaba as the new Medical Director.

The source told the paper that the position of the Medical Director was advertised in the dailies on 22nd November, 2015.

According to the source, Mr. Anaba, Mr. Srofenyo and one other person were shortlisted for an interview.

It added that, members of the board of appointment at that time were constituted by the Ghana Health Service [GHS].

After the interview, Mr. Anaba, who satisfied all the requirements, was later declared the new Medical Director of the Ridge Hospital.

Mr. Anaba who is the Head of Department, Anaesthesia at the University of Development Studies [UDS], Tamale, was a former staff of Ridge hospital also saw the needed to come back after many years.

Mr. Emmanuel Srofenyo popularly known as Srof, on the other hand, who has continuously been working for the health facility for many years was promoted as the Clinical Director, until two weeks ago he became the Acting Medical Director.

For this reason, Mr. Srofis refusing to handover the seat to Mr. Anaba because of his confidence that he will automatically occupy the seat as the new Medical Director but unfortunately, he was disappointed.

He quickly, according to the source, accused the panel of not being fair to him because he has been serving the hospital for several years during periods of difficulties.

The paper had it that, it is unclear, why Mr. Srofwho petitioned the board at the same time is blowing the final whistle for ‘Aluta’ at the hospital whiles the board is yet to address him.

According to the source, Srof and his cohorts can never stage any ‘Aluta’ at the hospital because the workers of the hospital are not even interested.

It added that nobody, including Mr. Srof himself have any knowledge about the appointment criteria,and therefore, there are no concrete reasons to canvass the support he needs to resist Mr. Anaba as the new Medical Director.

The source said, majority of the workers were already prepared to collaborate and work anyone who was appointed the new Medical Director of the Ridge Hospital.

Below are the inscriptions on the banner:
We are sending a strong signal to management not to welcome and accept Anaba as the new Medical Director because

-Anabarun away from Ridge due to his inability to withstand challenges.

-No Srof, No Medical Director!
-Srof, a faithful and committed servant of Ridge.
-Srofnie, good governance, team work and innovation nie!

-Anabanie, incompetence and inexperience nie!
-Enough of outsiders as Medical Directors for Ridge.

-No monkey dey work, Baboon dey chop business at Ridge.

-No Srof as Medical Director, No work.
-Anaba why come back, go back to sender…You are not welcomed at Ridge.

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