Reviewing 2015 in 15 myjoyonline photos

You have read the biggest stories in 2015; it is now time to see 2015 in pictures courtesy award-winning photojournalist, David Andoh.

The biggest drug storage and distribution outlet in Ghana was engulfed by fire Tuesday morning in January 2015 . The facility belongs to the Ministry of Health

In Febuary, this child nearly drowned after he attempted joining his brothers for a swim. His rescuer noticed the boy struggling in the pool of dirty water and rushed to his rescue.

That brownish water in the bottle is not some maize-based concoction. And no, it is not beverage. It is alcohol gleefully being consumed on the day when Jesus’ resurrection was celebrated – Easter Monday. At the Kokrobite beach in Accra, Easter Monday was a spectacle of too much freedom for too many children and teenagers.

Demolition of Accra’s largest slum, Sodom and Gomorrah, left a mother here with a devastating look, helpless, hapless as she contemplates the next move for her young family. The demolition was triggered by the flood and fire disaster which claimed over 150 lives at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle a suburb of Accra

In our weekly photo of the week series, David Andoh captured these boys at the beach one afternoon at work on a week day and during school hours.

It was a year of predictable indiscipline on Ghana’s roads too.

Rains on June 3, mangled metal and men into nothing more than matter as one of the worst flooding disasters hit Accra in 2015 .

Risky isn’t it? Well it’s a big ‘No’ for this man on a rainy day with floods.

With transport fares expected to go up in January 2016, this picture would be replayed in buses and taxis in the country. It’s a fight for coins and small change.

A fire outbreak at Abuja slum in Accra that razed everything to the ground on Tuesday evening also left a school girl without her uniforms for class the next day.

While the adults stood at ground zero, soaking in their losses and shocks, the little girl appeared visibly sad but occasionally happy that at least she has got her puppy alive.

A tweet from actress Yvonne Nelson quickly galvanised angry Ghanaians to hold a vigil in protest of government’s handling of the power crisis that characterised life in major cities in Ghana throughout the year under review.

In November, Nima Police were on hand to police a protest by pro-Afoko supporters who were demonstrating their displeasure at a party decision to suspend Paul Afoko as NPP National Chairman. Nima Police Commander had a pretty tough time controlling a passionate group of protesters.

As decorated Peace FM presenter Kwame Sefa Kayi and co rushed into her house last Saturday to surprise her with a party, Joy FM’s Doreen Andoh couldn’t take the overwhelming show of love. Doreen Andoh was here when Multimedia began with Joy FM in 1995. It has been a remarkable journey of faithful service for the host of mid-morning show Cosmospolitan Mix.

Crossing the N1 Highway on any day is a difficult task for many especially the market women and the elderly. But you reserve your worst nightmare when the lights go off and the traffic lights don’t work. That intersection suddenly becomes a death trap.

That was in 2015 and the situation on that Highway crossed over with all of us into 2016…

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