Returning Gitmo detainees will be difficult – Vladmir Antwi-Danso

International Relations expert, Vladmir Antwi-Danso, says returning the two Yemini terror suspects Mahmud Umar Muhammad Bin Atef and Khalid Muhammad Salih Al-Dhuby to their country will be difficult for Ghana.

“Anyone who tells you that Ghana can return the two former Guantanamo terrorist detainees to USA will be [telling] lies” he said.

The arrival of the detainees for a two-year stay as part of a deal reached between the United States of America and the Government of Ghana has generated a lot of public uproar.

Most commentators have demanded that the two suspects be sent out of the country.

The two have been in detention for 14 years after being picked up in Afghanistan and suspected to have been linked to the terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

But Speaking Monday on Adom FM’s “Burning Issues” programme with Afia Pokua, Dr. Antwi-Danso said sending back the Guantanamo Bay inmates to their country will not easy for the nation.

“They now belong to Ghana” Dr. Antwi-Danso said.

Apart from the public outcry, the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) has called on the government of Ghana to return the two Guantanamo Bay inmates in the country with immediate effect because their stay in Ghana puts the nation at risk.

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) also shares the deep anxiety and fears of the Ghanaian people over the resettlement of the two former Guantanamo terrorist in Ghana without the approval of Parliament, political parties and other stakeholders.

“Ghanaians must calm down because no matter what we do, they are already here with us but we should find proper way of containing them” Dr. Antwi-Danso said.

According to him, the government must now focus on how to prevent them from affecting Ghana’s security system, economic and political systems because they are stuck in the country.

Dr. Antwi-Danso also warned government communicators over their public utterances on the issue.

“Ignorant government officials and their communicators must stop telling Ghanaians lies over the issue” he advised.

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