Returning Ex-Gitmo Duo Will Be Suicidal — Kofi Anokye

The Chief Executive Officer of Koans Building Solution, Kofi Anokye has advised enraged Ghanaians to cut-short the calls for the return of the two admitted former Guantanamo inmates because it possesses a greater security threat to our nation if curried out.

According to him, the call is a misguided one because it will send a signal to terrorist groups and Islamic extremist that we discriminate against them and therefore qualified as one of their enemies.

Speaking exclusively to, Mr Anokye who was awarded by the World Business Assembly for his contribution to the real estate sphere in Africa was of the view that the safest approach would have been outright rejection of the proposal by government.

“As it stands now, the whole world, including the terrorist groups will be monitoring the situation and analysing it, if we return these guys now, it will first hurt our relationship with the America and also position us as enemies of these groups”

“We will be left in the middle without much protection from the US and also in the wrong books of terrorist organisation”

Mr Anokye who was also unhappy about the involvement of Christian Organisations was of the view that “ given the mere fact that the inmate are identified as Muslims, any position from Christian groups would send the signal that they are being discriminated against on religious grounds and that is one thing that incites hatred from terrorist groups”

“At the moment, Ghana is not a target of terrorist groups and I want to say on authority as someone abreast with security matters that if we were or are target of terrorists, they wouldn’t need these guys here to carry out their agenda”

“He continued, they’d rather bring in unknown people whose presence here will not evoke any kind suspicion and brouhaha like this has to carry out their mission as they do everywhere”

“They have done it in UK, they have done in America, they have done it in France and can easily do it here if Ghana is a target but we risk being one depending on how we handle the issue”. He added.

He was however bemused by the fact that President Mahama took matters into his hands without proper consultation and involvement of key figures like the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Involvement

According to him, had the president consulted his own trusted men adequately, they would probably have cautioned him against the whole deal and the fact that it would “render his government very unpopular before Ghanaians”.

“The decision is a poor political one and Ghanaians will for the foreseeable future not forgive President Mahama if something happens regardless of what decision is taken concerning the guys from hence”

He concluded by calling on Ghanaians to try as much as possible to give the guys the support they need to feel at home so that after two years, they leave the country with more positives memories because after 14 years in custody, they need an enabling environment to enable them bring their lives back on track and make positive decisions about what to do with their future.

“Most people return to their old lives when they are discriminated against or looked down upon by society and these guys, as human as they are, regardless of their purported past are not an exception”

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