Retrieving 70m of GYEEDA, other monies too little to rejoice – Vitus

The about 70 million cedis retrieved from individuals in various corruption scandals is too small for Ghanaians to be contend with, Vitus Azeem has indicated.

The Executive Director of Ghana Integrity Initiative who is demanding a full disclosure of state monies owed by these individuals noted that under GYEEDA only, the state lost over 100 million cedis. The Woyome scandal for instance is in the tune of 51 million.

At an encounter with journalists today, President John Mahama said government has retrieved more than 70 million cedis from individuals for the state over the GYEEDA and other corruption scandals.

He said government’s commitment to fighting corruption is without doubt as he defends his administration’s efforts to stamp out corruption.

But Mr. Vitus Azeem told Joy News even though the government deserves some pat on the back for the effort, “I don’t think we should be rejoicing over the 70 million”.

On that basis, he asked the government to make public how much is outstanding so that Ghanaians will appreciate efforts to retrieve money.

He assessed that government appears not committed to follow and retrieve the monies for the state.

The anti-corruption campaigner is also not happy with the state’s seeming unwillingness to sanction persons involved in judgment debt.

He called for “more action, more action to deter others” from engaging in corruption.

“Even prosecutors who fail to appear in court [to defend the state] what happens to them?” Vitus Azeem asked.

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