Remembering Komla Dumor by Rev. Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo

I remember the programmes I had with Komla on JOY FM in 1999 in Accra, and subsequent years, and numerous interactions with him at JOY FM studios. He has left me with rich memories of diligence and excellence as legacy. I was on Super Morning Show with him especially before the JOY Bridal Fair in those days. When JOY started marriage and family life seminars at Secaps Hotel near Kotoka Airport in June 2000 as pacesetters for such large-scale programmes in Ghana, Komla actively promoted it on air.

Mr. Atta Mensah who was then the programmes Director at JOY was the one whom I conducted most of the marriage and family life programmes with, and when my delivery on air made national waves, Atta Mensah told me that we must take it to a higher level and make it viral. Komla and Cephas Amartey helped Atta Mensah to promote it on air, and indeed it took Ghana by storm. Phone calls were even coming from Kumasi, asking “Where did you get that man from, who gives such practical teaching on marriage?”

The old folks at JOY will remember the public trooping to JOY studios from early in the morning to late afternoon in long queues for counseling and prayer. Atta Mensah virtually vacated his office for me to use the place as counseling center at JOY. Komla kept promoting it on air. The fact is that the Lord recorded all these in His books in Heaven, and the rewards will be given out to Komla, the leaders of multimedia and all the multimedia diligent workers who continue to promote progress in our nation, and beyond its borders.

When I was back in the USA, people in New York, Virginia and several places told me: “We hear that you have gone to turn the whole of Accra and Ghana upside down with family life and marriage programmes on JOY 99.7 FM radio.”

Komla also promoted the first ever real national Couples Dinner and public seminar which was organized at the National Theatre in June of 1999 (with Dr. Kisseadoo as speaker), which made JOY FM the initiators of the concept of decently-organized couples dinner in our nation for teaching purposes, which several other churches and organizations have copied now.  

I was usually on JOY Quiet Time at 5am-6am with Rev. Cephas Amartey or Rev. Kofi Okyere; and Komla came right after the 6am news when we were leaving. That gave me the chance to always receive his infective smiles and a “good morning Reverend” from his characteristic rich radio voice. His shirt was always very well-ironed, crispy, and neat with a style to match his personality, which stuck in my mind till today.

My last programme with Komla was the year before he left for BBC; and it was a promotional discussion on the causes of divorce, along with Uncle Ebo Whyte and one lawyer. At a point, my focus was on encouraging the men to deepen their love and affection for their wives. Komla strongly spoke for the men by encouraging the ladies to do their best to make the home peaceful and attractive for the men to enjoy being with them at home. He said to me on air: “Rev. Kisseadoo, I could take you to a pub around the corner, and you will meet a lot of men hanging around there who are not cheating on their wives, but cannot simply enjoy their homes because of the words and attitudes of their wives”. We concluded that both partners must work on themselves, but the men, as leaders, should stand up and take greater responsibility to lead the marriage to success.  

I have always thought of Komla with fond memories in my relationship with him. He appreciated little gifts that made you feel important as the giver. I always carry little gifts to give out to friends when I visit Ghana (pens and several other common daily accessories — several of you know what I am talking about). I gave Komla a pen in June 2001 during a morning program with him on JOY FM. The following year I visited JOY, and just when Komla sat down (I was leaving the studio), he pulled out a pen from his breast pocket and said: “You see the pen you gave me last year; I still have it, and like it”. I told him I had another one for him which was already in my hand, and gave it to him. He responded with his typical broad smile and a loud “thank you!” Komla was very energetic, committed, passionate about what he did, jovial, strong, neat, professional, and efficient. The last time I interacted with him was in July 2012 after the JOY Bridal Symposium at the Accra International Conference Center when I met him in the lobby.

Sometimes you cannot say much when events overtake you by surprise. You just have to thank and praise God for his mysterious wisdom, and His special dealings with each of us. He alone knows better. If we could always fully explain God, then He will not be Big enough to be God Almighty. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints” (Psalm 116:15).

Members of our Multimedia and JOY Family, please be comforted. God Himself is the source of all comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3-5). We are all hurting so bad, but “God heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3).

Mr. Kwasi Twum made a comment to me in his Multimedia office in Accra last year (August 2013) when I was trying to appreciate his work and contribution towards the welfare of Ghana. He said: ”Osofo (Reverend), as for me I am in the background helping and promoting people to higher levels. Komla Domor is an example; and now he is excelling at BBC, and I am proudly rejoicing for his success.”

Little did we know that Komla was going to leave us in a few months.

Life is short– we must handle with wisdom. Life is fragile — we must handle with prayer.

May the Lord help us to live this life with values of eternity where we are finally going to reside with God. Let us draw near to God and prepare each day for our final departure, because we never know when. 

The life of Komla teaches us clearly that we are gradually writing the history of our lives in all of our interactions and associations. We should be careful and diligent to develop and use all of our gifts, talents, and lifestyle to write good and delightful history that is worth reading, and which testifies of excellence,  and is worth preserving.

Komla, Rest In Peace. Let us keep his wife, children, and loved ones in prayer.  

By: Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo, Virginia, USA. Tel. 1-757-7289330. E-mail: . Website:

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