Regional Ministers Meet In Elmina

A three day conference for regional ministers is currently under way in Elmina, the Komenda Edina EguafoAbrem Municipal capital in the central region.

The conference which is under the theme “Working Together With The 7thDistrict Assemblies For National Development,” is being attended by ministers of all the regions except the Ashanti region which currently does not have a substantive minister.

The purpose of the conference is to afford the ministers the opportunity to review the performance of their role in the implementation of government’s policies, programmes and progress and also evaluate their monitoring role of the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies MMDAs.

The conference will also give opportunity to the ministers to interact with key resourcepersonnels at the fore front of the implementation of government policies in order for them to be updated on the objectives of those policies so that they would be able to have better appraisal of them.

The vice President, PaaKwesiAmissah-Arthur in his address, cautioned all regional ministers and their deputies to work together as a team in order to promote strong regional administration which he said is very important.

Mr. Amissah-Arthur added that, deputy ministers are relatively younger than their bosses and must therefore be given the opportunity to do more so that they would be able to take up responsibilities at any point in the future.

Mr. Amissah-Arthur added “if you don’t give them the responsibilities or if you don’t task them or assign duties to them, they are not going to learn to take up responsibilities in the future”.

He therefore pleaded with the ministers to tolerate dissenting views from their deputies and also made a passionate appeal to all deputy ministers to show maximum respect to their superiors so as not to create any unnecessary tension among them as it happened to the former Ashanti regional minister and his deputy.

Deputy local government minister, Mr. NiiLanteyVandapoiye in his remarks stated that, President Mahama’s administration is interested in bringing governance to the door steps of the people.

Mr. Vandapoiye disclosed that, traditional rulers form the base of getting governance to the people and therefore implored the Ministers to have a fruitful interaction with the chiefs in order contribute to the discussion.

He urged the ministers to engage the chiefs saying “because at the end of it all, the implementation of those policies,programmes and project would be in consultations with our chiefs”.

Touching on the national sanitation day, Honourable NiiLantey who is also the Member of Parliament for the people of Odododioodioo constituency tasked the regional minister who have not taken their turns at the monthly event to contact their colleagues who have already done theirs and learn from their experiences that have made the programme a success.

Mr. Vandapoiye congratulated former Ashanti regional minister, Mr. Samuel Sarpong, volta and northern regional ministers for the roles they have played in their respective regions as far as the national sanitation day is concerned. He charged the Eastern regional minister to be warming up.

The opening ceremony of the conference was attended by some MMDCEs as well as some traditional rulers from the central region.

A former local government minister, Professor KwaminaAhwoiwho is now a local government expert, would address the participants. The chief of staff Mr. Julius Debrah, the Attorney General, Mrs. Marietta Brew AppiahOppong, MrKodwoFynn, the Administrator of the District Assemblies Common Fund and other resource personnels’ as well as all regional co-ordinationg directors is attending the conference.

The conference which stated on Tuesday, 10 March, 2015, will end on Friday.

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