Reggae Presenter Condemns The Smoking Of Marijuana

Deekman Nomoreclaten a Tamale based Reggae presenter who has been a crusader against Rasta and marijuana has said it is very unfortunate and pathetic that Ghana has been cited as the number one consumer of marijuana in the world.

The presenter of Justice fm in Tamale said it is shameful to have a record of inhaling and discharging smoke from nose and mouth.

The ranking of the Nation as first in consuming marijuana is contained in a United Nation’s Report of last year.

Deekman Nomoreclaten says Ghana should have been ranked in a responsible and professional field as first rather than smoking and consuming a narcotic matter. But, he says, some irresponsible youth and Reggae presenters will not leave smoke to the firewood and other unwanted burning matters.

He blamed the Law system of tolerance in the name of Freedom of Speech that has made a deaf ear and some Reggae presenters and Musicians call for the legalization of the drug without meaningful evidence of its benefits in smoking.

He called on the authorities to stop leniency on anybody who carries out such a campaign or anyone who is found to dealing with the drug without a legal certificate.

From S. B. Ibrahim (Tamale)

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