Refrain From Joining Secret Societies Worldwide Council of Prophet Alliance Warns The Clergy.

The Worldwide Council of Prophetic Alliance which is the mouthpiece of the fivefold ministry and an intermediary between government and the clergy has sent a word of caution to all men of God.

The president of the council, The Prophet Daniel Asamoah-Larbi sent this message out when he was preaching at his church – House of God International Prayer Ministry at Kasoa-Ofaakor.

According to the prophet, the end time has already dawned into the world and he sees it unwise before the eyes of the Almighty for renowned men of God to associate themselves with these satanic secret societies.

His sermon delivery was taken from Genesis 25:31-34 which talks about Esau and Jacob.

From the bible, it is known that Esau sold his birth right by swearing an oath to Jacob just to fill his belly with some bread and pot of lentil stew.

“They have sold their souls to the devil similarly as Esau sold his birth right to Jacob for food. They only think of the flesh, satisfying their stomach and craving for materialistic things”

For what profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul – The Prophet Larbi asked rhetorically.

The founder of House of God International Prayer Ministry disclosed he had a vision in which God revealed to him some men of God who on the outside appear to be holy before the eyes of men but are seriously advocating for the devil on the inside.

He said these men of God are only deceiving themselves by conforming to the acts of the world and thinks of swaying people by deceiving them into joining their demonic groups.

The youth he said, should be vigilant like an eagle to study and know the operational sequence and gimmicks of these false men of God.

“Behold youth of today, open your eyes and be vigilant of these false prophets. For they do not tell you the truth but only tells you things they know you will be pleased to hear. Research on the internet and know their ways”

Expressing his disappointment with how swiftly Ghana has embraced these secret societies, he explained God’s anger is soon to befall on the nation as people see it as a normal way of life.

“As a kid I used to know Ghana as a Christian religious nation but now it seems we have allowed for a devilish transition to take place and we care less about restoring the country back to its previous state. I now hear people confidently say Ghana is a circular nation and from my point of view they may not be the only ones, there may be a bunch of them out there” – he said

It appears these secret societies have come a long way to negatively infuse our generation with deceit and people especially the youth have aligned themselves with them.

The Prophet Daniel Asamoah-Larbi who mulled things over said he was not prepared to single out names of these false men of God the lord God revealed to him but was quick to add that they know themselves.

“I will not single out names. God revealed to me to tell people of Ghana so they will be steadfast in prayers and in the steps they take. These false men of God know themselves and I know they have been hit with this missile I’ve launched. Who the cup fit, let them wear it”

By: Manuel King

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