Rambo Mayor On Rampage… Handcuffs Trotro Driver

Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije holding on to the Trotro driver’s shirt

The arrogant display of power being exhibited lately by some government officials against ordinary Ghanaians seems to be getting out of hand, with the Accra Mayor caught on tape taking the law into his own hands.

The Metropolitan Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, threw caution to the wind, and with impunity, physically assaulted a commercial bus (trotro) driver in the full glare of the public, causing it to be recorded for the simple reason that the man was blowing the horn of his bus to enable him discharge passengers, which the Mayor considered offensive.

‘…Park! Park!! Come on park there!!! You are standing there piipii (honking) for what?’ he yelled, while ordering a police officer thus: ‘Come on, go lock him up. You have to be disciplined!’ he barked.

The 1:43 minutes video has since gone viral with various people condemning the behaviour of the AMA boss since he was seen physically and verbally abusing the driver, ordering his boys to administer the torture.

The incident took place on the street in front of the Movenpick Hotel in Accra, adjacent the National Theatre.

He exhibited similar arrogance of power some two months ago when he ordered the arrest of Multi TV news crew at a demolition site.

The latest incident occurred last Saturday, November 1, 2014 during the National Sanitation Day when the clean-up exercise was over and they were clearing the garbage.

At the time, Mr Vanderpuije and some AMA officials were going round for the collection of garbage generated during the clean-up exercise when a white Urvan mini bus pulled up with passengers onboard.

In the process of parking the vehicle at the bus stop for some passengers to alight, the driver blew the horn to make way for him to park and drop off the passengers.

This was what angered the AMA boss to cause his arrest.

He first stood in front of the vehicle, preventing the driver from moving, and then ordered him to park amidst shouts of ‘nonsense’.

Pointing his finger at the driver who was still seated behind the wheels, he continued, ‘If you don’t have value for human life, I will teach you a lesson’ and again instructed, ‘Look here; lock him up and lock the vehicle up.’

In an angry tone, he then proceeded to order the passengers, most of who were pleading with him to temper justice with mercy: ‘Come on! Get down!!’ discharging all the passengers in the vehicle.

Mr Vanderpuije then personally went to open the driver’s door and ‘hooked’ the man like a common criminal while issuing instructions to a policeman on standby, whose name he mentioned as George, to handcuff him.

The driver was subsequently handcuffed and whisked away amidst insults.

Even before the enthusiastic policeman could place the driver in cuffs, the AMA boss had started manhandling the young man, pulling him up and down like a common criminal while ordering for a video footage to be taken, since according to him, the driver had not shown respect for the lives of the people who were working, with another ‘nonsense’ in tow.

This, he said, was because ‘it’s about time people realised that there is law and order’, adding, ‘Film it all; I want you to show it.’

By Charles Takyi-Boadu

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