Question For The Single & Married Ladies!

A couple were happily living together with lots of fun. The man apparently likes springing water to wake his woman up. At the beginning of the living together relationship, she happen to like the idea. Things got a little tricky, as her man began to zip up his pocket, comes late and leave for work early.

This happened for 4 weeks and she couldn’t take it any longer and in addition, she was getting pissed off everyday.

One faithful morning, while she was still on bed and her man in the kitchen, a drop of water fell onto her head then she woke up angrily and shouted at him while he walks in, with breakfast.

She pushed him, threw away the food and started nagging. Three knocks at the door and then came her lawyers with divorce papers.

She was too angry to let her man speak, left the house with her luggage and her lawyers.

Her man got to know later that the Air Condition was leaking, which was right on top of their heads, But she never return his calls nor replied his text messages.

Judgement day came and they were to explain themselves. She said her own part and her man stated:

” I leave and come home late because (1) i was going to the embassy to get a visa for both of us, so as to spend summer in the states. (2) I was building three story building in her name. “

I made breakfast for her the morning she left so i could surprise her with the good news because it was her birthday.

Ladies, if you were in her shoes, WHAT WOULD YOU DO???

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