PUSAG Backs Labour Union Agitations

The importance of the good and quality education in every nation cannot be overlooked. The competence of the
products of education can only attest to the degree of the relevance and contributions of the educational structure in a
country. This explains the need for absolute attention to the needs of teachers and other educational personnel.

Firstly, we commend the Twelve (12) National Labor Unions for their decision to call off the strike with the aim of
hearing from the government soon. Notwithstanding the decision, we whole-heartedly praise and respect the decision
of our dear teachers coming back to continue developing our intellectual credentials in the class room. We believe that
it was a strong decision to move in this light but it’s all in the pursuit to help build and re-engineer the educational

The Private Universities Students Association of Ghana sees an undying reason for us to build and sustain a good
intellectual property and that is the reason why we have every stakeholder that contribute to a better education agenda at heart. Although, there may not be any direct connection but we believe that our contemporaries in the public
institutions deserve exactly what they are due.

We develop butterflies in our stomachs because the future of Ghana rests on our shoulders irrespective of our educational, cultural or socio-economic background, hence the need for the worries of teachers being on strike. Our
respect for teachers is totally explained in few sentences in Aristotle’s quote ” those who educate children well are
more honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well”

PUSAG hope the National Labor Unions and the government will settle the issue at hand quickly in order to help hasten economic activities which significantly contribute to the GDP of Ghana. Apparently, there are enormous structures and flaws that are retarding the growth and development of the economy and we pray the long duration of the current tension of tier 2 pension fund does not end up being a whip cream on the stagnating national cake. Long live Ghana.

At your service,

Mohammed Adams Sukparu Richard Odame

President, PUSAG International Relations

0209336562 0243944302


PUSAG is an acronym for Private Universities Students’ Association of Ghana. In 2005, the Association was formed by five institutions namely Pentecost University College, Central University College, Methodist University College, Zenith University College and Valley View University. Today, PUSAG has a membership of over 38 private universities with student population of about 75,000.

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