Puppeteers; outstanding with traditional dances fused with modern dance moves

Ghanaian play writer and head of Roverman Productions, Uncle Ebo Whyte has indicated that his upcoming play for the 4th quarter of the year titled, ‘Puppeteers’ is quite different from his previous plays.

According to him, the difference between his previous plays and ‘Puppeteers’ is that “every dance move in the history of Ghana will be displayed on stage in this play; and that is traditional dance moves fused with the modern day dance moves.”

“And this very play which will be first premiering in the coming week took me three and half months to conclude, but we only concluded the play barely 2hours before our meeting with you took off,” Uncle Ebo Whyte said in a press briefing at Roverman premises in Osu last Thursday, November 19, 2015.

Adding, “it is the kind of play that within the first five minutes, we don’t shock you with what you will be watching; then you may have to go to the doctor to have sample of your blood checked whether it is communion wine in your vein or it is proper blood. It gets deeper and much more complicated.”

The Synopsis: Moses wakes up in his new town with a refreshed purpose: to patch up with his ex-wife. Little did he know that he would just walked into his worst nightmare that would threaten his career, his integrity and the love of the only woman he’s ever loved.

Elaborating on the concept of the soon-to-be premiered play, Uncle Ebo Whyte said, “there are three types of ‘Puppeteers’. There are the kind of ‘Puppeteers’ who live on their own and think for the man in position. The other is the kind, whether they know it or not (puppets), they are being manipulating (the man in position) – Puppeteers. Lastly, there is the kind that are neither puppets nor puppeteers, the dangerous kind.”

“Oftentimes, the position or names of good people in our society are used for negative reasons, either to cover up their mishaps which in fact the prominent person occupying the high position would never see reasons to approve of.

“Puppeteers’ is a play seeking enlighten the prominent persons about the ‘wrong’ people he or she has around them who seeks to take advantage of their positions.”

The cast of ‘Puppeteers’ are Moses (Andre Adotey), May (Alison Asihene),

Owuo (Kenneth Nii Saki Sackey), Enwa (Cunnison Vanperpuye), Jess (Elsie Srodah), Tilly (Victoria Ayree), and George (Aziz Laryea).

Roverman Productions in partnership with Airtel and Rover Report Monthly Magazine presents ‘Puppeteers’, showing on November 28 and 29; and December 5 and 6 at the National Theatre at 4pm and 8pm respectively.

Tickets are sold for GHC 60. Grab your tickets in advance and on Airtel Money at a 10% discount.

Roverman Productions… Be the difference!!

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