Prophet Gives 110 Free Cars; Omane Acheampong Grabs 3

Nicholas Omane Acheampong and his Nissan Pathfinder. INSET: Prophet Badu Kobi

Popular gospel musician Nicholas Omane Acheampong is intoxicated with gratitude and joy after he had his third car, a new Nissan Pathfinder 7-seater, as a gift from the head pastor of his church, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi of the Glorious Wave Ministry.

Prophet Kobi had previously given Omane Acheampong two other Saloon cars as gifts. In all, he has given out some 110 different cars as free gifts to members of his church at Sakumono, a suburb of Accra.

NEWS-ONE asked Omane Acheampong, whose current gospel song, ‘Aposor’, has been tipped to win the most popular gospel song of the year, to explain the gift and what his pastor is up to.

Can you confirm your pastor has given you another car as a gift?

It is true he gave me a top range car. This is not the first time he has given me a car; he had previously given me two Saloon cars, a Honda sports car and then a KIA Cerato. But this time, he gave me a top range 4×4—a new Nissan Pathfinder 7-seater. And I am very grateful to him. Sometimes I have a funny fear he may come back for the car. He has done a lot of things for people but this one is beyond my imagination. Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has shocked me.

Why did he give you a car?
He said the ‘Aposor’ song I just did has brought a lot of people to God and he wants to reward me with a car to help me push the message in the song. I am speechless. I have stayed abroad for several years, I have been a top class musician for several years with so many hit songs, I have worked hard for several years and I could not have bought this car on my own. Glory be to God for this and thanks to Prophet Kobi.

How did it happen?
We were at Sunday service two days ago and he just announced it that there is someone in the congregation God has raised from a humble beginning to a position of grace and that the person has been loyal to his ministry. When he was talking, I did not know it was me until he said the person has released a song, ‘Aposor’, and that the message in the song is ministering to people and making Ghanaians think about God and life after death and how we would all leave this earth without taking along any material property. Then I started to think “oh Prophet is talking about me and my ‘Aposor’ song”. Then he showed a huge car on the monitors in the congregation and called me to come forward. I did not know how I got to the altar. Then I saw him giving me a car key and telling the congregation it was mine for keeps. He added the car’s particulars and everything; and it happened so fast that I was speechless.

Some say Prophet Kobi wanted you to feel like a star that’s why he gave you the car.

I am not sure. I have been a member of Glorious Wave and had a close father-son relationship with Prophet Kobi for the last thirteen years. But I have remained an ordinary member of the church just like any other member.  Because I am a professional musician, I sing in the church as and when necessary or when the opportunity avails itself. But I am not a star in the church and no one treats me as such.  There is no prior information or anything before I sing in my church. I would be in the congregation and whether I am prepared or not, I am called to sing and I do just that.  I am always available to minister. I am not the only popular person in Glorious Wave. There are several popular showbiz people in the church but we are not stars as far as our church activities are concerned. Our only star is Prophet Kobi. He is the visionary and our leader and there cannot be two leaders in one ship.

Prophet Kobi has given cars to several members of Glorious Wave but because the persons are not known, no one really gets to hear of it. The Nissan Pathfinder he gave me is the 110th vehicle he has given out as a free gift.  What he gives out to people who are not celebrities is far more than what he gives out to celebrities. He is a giver and that is it.

Why have you remained in his church for 13 years?

I would stay there forever. I understand your question because musicians are not known to stay in one church for a long time. I went to Glorious Wave at a time I was in trouble with debts and shame all over me and the world had forsaken me. When I got there, Prophet Kobi invited me to the stage and prophesied into my life. He said it was not my end and that a time would come when I would bounce back and that his God would not put me to shame. All the things he said about my life have happened.

He did not kill me with negative words but rather helped me and encouraged me to overcome my sorrows and gave me what it takes to live as a human being.  You do not only need a spiritual father but a spiritual father who loves you.  I have seen him receive the poor and encourage them and today they are rich.

Any message to your colleagues?
I keep telling my fellow gospel musicians to look up to God rather than relying on shows and brand endorsements to make a living. We are ministers of the gospel with a great commission and the one who called us is more than an event company that would pay us.

I agree we have to employ professional business people to manage our career and all that but if we focus on the business aspect as our priority, we would be in competition with Shatta Wale or Sarkodie, forgetting that we are different with a divine calling which separates us from entertainers. We must always have this in mind in pushing and pursuing our music career. We have been sent by God and must always look up to Him for direction and motivation rather than rely on commercial gains as our motivation.

How is Aposor doing?
Great. The penetration is massive. Now people are even using the term in political discussions. This does not bother me because it shows how far the song has gone. I am happy spokespersons of the two major parties use it when it suits them.  I am not saying it is for partisan politics but I have not regretted it has gone far to the extent that even children are chanting it all over. Churches, sportsmen and women, politicians, everyone is using it.

Commercially it is also doing well and we are selling tens of thousands of copies at a time others are finding it difficult to sell even a thousand copies. I can’t pretend the song is not selling. God knows I have debts to pay and He is helping me to sell the album to settle my debts. I thank God for this.

By Halifax Ansah-Addo

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