Prez Mahama’s Judgment Debt Commission Is Just A Farce…I Doubt His Ability To Fight Corruption

Kwamena Duncan, Central Regional Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has pooh poohed the work of the Judgment debt commission headed by the Sole Commissioner, Justice Yaw Appau.

He has described his (Sole Commissioner’s) work as a ‘grand scheme’ by the President Mahama led administration to cover up and delude Ghanaians into believing that he (President Mahama) is fighting corruption.

Kwamena Duncan was speaking to the recent controversy surrounding GNPC and the sale of Drill Ship, Discover 511 which was unraveled by the judgment debt commission.

“I have every problem with the so called Judgment debt commission. Occasionally, they draw attention to themselves with the topics they bring. It is a grand scheme of deception. What they are doing, when are they going to complete and who are they going to give the recommendations to…To the president to do what? It is just a grand trick. The entire country has been tricked into taking our minds off from judgment debt to Woyome and so on, in order for government to breathe a sigh of relief”, he told Kwami Sefa Kayi on Wednesday’s edition of ‘Kokrokoo’.

He alluded that there is no way President Mahama will work with any recommendation that will come from the Commission because ‘he does not trust him to fight corruption…he doesn’t have that ability’.

“As long as we have John Mahama as president and this report is given to him, I don’t see what he is going to do with it,” he indicated.

Kwamena Duncan is of the view that the GNPC Discover 511 saga is just to cover up the hideous corrupt act ‘that has gone on or is ongoing’ by the judgment debt commission and the current administration.

He has rather advised the Judgment debt commission, as far as unraveling the mystery behind the Drill Ship, Discover 511 is concerned to rather look for the roots of the matter and how “we are in this current state. If this institution (Judgment Debt Commission) will be frank with itself, their focus will be on how GNPC got to this position.That is where their focus must be…Anytime such issues like judgment debt are raised, they will tell you to wait for the sole commissioner; when we need to find a solution to it”.

However, Central Regional Director of Communications of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Bernard Allotey Jacobs, who was also a panelist on the show, strongly disagreed with Kwamena Duncan.

Speaking on the same platform, Allotey Jacobs said the Commission was set up to unravel “whatever has been hidden and so it should be accepted in good faith”.


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Prez Mahama’s Judgment Debt Commission Is Just A Farce…I Doubt His Ability To Fight Corruption

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