Prez Mahama Is Taking “Unholy Steps” To Govern…Mark My Words People Are Going To Suffer Massively

Managing Editor of the Daily Searchlight newspaper, Ken Kuranchie says Ghana is doomed under the leadership of President John Dramani Mahama.

He claims the President is taking “unholy steps” to govern the nation.

Contributing to a panel discussion programme on Oman FM, Ken Kuranchie strongly held that with President John Mahama’s presidency solidified by the Supreme Court ruling on the election petition, his government would divert the proceeds from the country’s oil find to “buy” the integrity of the various media houses in the nation as well as other companies and personalities in the country with the intent to gag them.

Now that President Mahama has been declared a “validly elected” Head of State, according to Ken Kuranchie, “the next step is to make the nation silent because the money from the oil find is available. They will buy everybody…TUC….Media, they buy as much as they can and turn them into their cronies. Those we cannot purchase, we will terrorize them. If we are not able to terrorize you, then, you will be killed. In the next 3 years, people will indeed suffer in this country…mark my words and write it down somewhere.

To him, the culture of tolerance in the nation will be undermined by the incumbent government and the nation will experience the greatest hardships under the leadership of President Mahama , and therefore is deeply frightened “because the steps that John Dramani Mahama has decided to take in his quest to hold on to power, they are unholy steps…We are in deep trouble as a nation. And the problem is the oil that sits offshore.”

He therefore called on the opposition New Patriotic Party to brace itself for the 2016 elections and ensure that they seal every loophole for the government to take advantage of or else, the party will be seated on the opposition bench for “twenty years.”


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Prez Mahama Is Taking “Unholy Steps” To Govern…Mark My Words People Are Going To Suffer Massively

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