Pressure Mounts On US Group Of Companies Over Dirty Grand Fraud

Pressure is mounting the management of the US group of companies to refund monies invested in a Tilapia business by some dozens of traders.

Some traders early Wednesday morning demonstrated against management of the company to register their frustration and accusing them of defrauding.

The affected person alleged management of the company has failed to re-pay their investment several months after maturity.

A number of them are unable to pay back the return on investments made by their clients

The company had been involved in some investment portfolio from: US money lending, merchandise, training institutions and radio station.

Affected victims who preferred to remain anonymous said after using huge sums to invest in the U.S Group of companies’ tilapia project; they are yet to reap their returns

Some of the people say efforts to have management recoup their monies have been extremely difficult.

Some aggrieved traders who spoke registered their displeasure at the management of the company said they have invested thousands of cedis in the tilapia business.

“I invested in the tilapia project, I invested GHc 13.200 for a year and it retired 11 July 2013 and was supposed GHc30.000.

They issued a check and the money is not forthcoming. When I came to their office, they keep tossing me and are not able to pay my money” they claim.

Some of the traders indicated that they have written to terminate their contract so they could retrieve their monies but all efforts proved futile.

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