President Mahama to hold media interaction on quarterly basis

The presidency is considering making the presidential media interaction a quarterly event, Dr. Clemet Apaak, a presidential staffer has disclosed.

Dr. Apaak said, this is to widen the scope of the event and enable journalists from different backgrounds to make the event more representative.

President John Mahama on Tuesday January 7 addressed selected senior journalists from leading media houses at the Flagstaff House and answered questions on a wide range of issues bordering on his stewarsdship of the nation over the past year.

Three journalists were allowed to ask questions at a time and the president provided answers after which another set of questions from a group was posed to him.

There have been concerns, however, that the arrangement created little opportunity for the journalists to ask follow-up questions. The quality of the questions have also been attacked.

Responding to the criticisms, Dr. Apaak said efforts are being made to widen the scope for more journalists from a wider background to participate in subsequent media interactions with the president.

“This forms part of his [Mahama] policy to promote open, accountable and accessible governance,” Dr. Apaak told Bernard Nasara Saibu, co-host of the Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Wednesday.

According to him, the vision of president John Mahama is to lead “a stable, united and prosperous nation” where all Ghanaians, regardless of their socio-economic, ethnic or political background will have equal opportunities.

“The regular interaction with the media will enhance the ability to achieve his vision and allow the people to understand where he is taking the country,” Dr. Apaak said.

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