Prepare well before speeches- Samuel Jonathan

Public speakers have been advised to prepare adequately ahead of time in order to get their audience interested in what they are delivering.

Speaking on “My Banner” segment of the AM show on JoyNews Multi TV, president of the Royal Center for Public Speaking Samuel Johnson said, this preparedness is critical because, the average attention span of an adult is between five to seven minutes. This attention span needs to be held if anything is to be well grasped by the audeicne.

He said, some people just listen to speeches because they are supposed to but not because they are inspired, which is why most times, researching on the audience you are meeting as well as the venue, puts you in a better situation to make an influential speech.

“It is not good to presume your audience knows what you are going to talk about”, he said

He continued that it is good for one to always be prepared to deliver a speech at any function. Touching on the subject, effective communication skills, he said most people are found wanting when they are asked to step in for someone who failed to show up at a function.

“Never attend an event without been prepared to say something”.

According to Samuel Johnson, one thing is to always rehearse. “Rehearsing always help you to deliver whenever you are called to step in for someone. This is due to the fact that, whatever you practice becomes permanent in your life”.

He also said when one finishes making a public speech, one needs to summarize everything in order to remind the listener what he had shared.

“The end of your speech determines how effective you have been. “It is possible to be efficient and not effective. To be efficient is when you do things right and being effective is when you do the right thing.” He added.

He explained that one needs to connect with his audience as well as sustain their interest by paying attention to the most vital ingredients of public speaking which are verbal, visual and vocal.

“You may be speaking the right words and not have the right reflection. You may be speaking at the right pace but not have the right pitch.”

Gestures, according to Jonathan are very important in delivering speeches. He said, it connects you to the audience. Samuel Jonathan advised people to emphasize their work without repeating themselves when they are through with their speeches.

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