Power Crisis: MTN Calls For Dialogue Between ECG And Business Communities

Telecom giant MTN Ghana has appealed to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to follow the published load shedding time table to help them in planning their activities.

MTN Ghana’s CEO Serame Taukobong said more engagements between the business communities and power providers on when the power would be put off or on should be regular to help them plan adequately.

“We do understand the magnitude of work that needs to be done but we need to ensure that we are forward looking by engaging business leaders and the community, ensuring that there is communication to help in effective planning.”

The CEO stated that the unstable power over the years does affect their ability to serve their customers effectively.

“The critical thing is engaging with government to find solutions to the problem and yes we don’t have 100 percent reliability on ECG that is why we have got such a high consumption on fuels and consumed as much as 2 million liters of fuel per month. Though we have a three plan back-up at most of our critical sites on a genset or even the battery backup but obviously the lack of fuel and battery does affect your ability to serve customers.”

Mr.SerameTaukobong made this known at forum in Accra to share an overview of MTN’s business performance in the previous year and the focus for the year 2015.

He said his outfit is considering a local stock-exchange listing as a way to increase local ownership.

“The issue will be the ability of the market to take that up and the sustainability of such an interaction,” he said, adding that a decision isn’t imminent. “If you look at how we’ve done in most of our operations, definitely local participation will be the next chapter.”

MTN, Africa’s largest wireless carrier, has operations in 22 countries on the continent and the Middle East and increased Ghanaian subscriber numbers by 7.1 percent last year to 13.9 million.

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