Poly-University conversion: Alumni of Tamale Poly unhappy


Alumni of the Tamale Polytechnic have expressed displeasure with their exclusion by the government in the first list of Polytechnics to be converted into Universities.

Also, the Alumni reiterated the significance the conversion would serve to the Northern region should they gain university status.

They, therefore, urged the government to hasten the necessary procedures to turn all the selected Polytechnics into Universities.

In a press release, they charged the government to ensure logistics are in place for the smooth running of all converted polytechnics.

Below is the press release:
The Alumni of the Tamale Polytechnic has been following with keen interest, the government plans to convert the Polytechnics into Technical Universities. We note particularly the President’s mention of the matter in the State of the Nation’s Address (SONA), which demonstrates a further commitment of the government to follow through the policy as a matter of priority.

The Alumni of the Polytechnic, however, notes that the President cited only six (6) out of the ten (10) existing Polytechnics and this could have given the impression that, the other four (4) Polytechnics are not qualified or ready, as per the stated conversion criteria. We do understand that the statement by the President and other documents relevant to the subject matter are only for purposes of illustration and urge the government to proceed with the necessary steps and processes that would lead to the conversion sooner than later.

While we share the forgoing notion, we are both glad and proud to assure our alumni and current students that we have been in constant touch with the Polytechnic authorities and have a settled conviction that the Polytechnic is more than ready to become Technical University anytime soon. Our conviction is based on an assessment of the programme menu and the faculties available in the Polytechnic. These, coupled with the available infrastructure, human resource and the strategic need to cite many more Universities in the northern sector, more so considering the deprived nature of the area, our belief coincides with the government’s agenda to make tertiary technical education not only affordable but also accessible.

We further wish to draw the attention of Government through the Ministry of Education that when converted into a technical University, the then Tamale Technical University (TTU) could serve as a key resource and catalyst for the implementation and realization of the lofty development goals enshrined in the SADA project. The point is that, the implementation of the SADA project cannot be without high level of research and technical expertise, which the TTU would readily supply to the labour market.

But we the Alumni of Tamale Polytechnic are not happy with the exclusion of Tamale Polytechnic among the first list of polytechnics to be considered and therefore call on the Government to reconsider its decision by adding the Tamale Polytechnic among the first list of Polytechnics to be considered considering the deprived nature of the area and regional balance as well.

In conclusion, we like to urge the government to, in this incubation period take accelerated steps to engage thoroughly, all relevant stakeholders, share information and provide assurance in order to clear doubts around knotty or grey areas, as well as galvanize support and momentum for takeoff.

In all of the foregoing, we believe that government still retains a greater responsibility to provide the required logistics, scholarship opportunities for faculty development, and general policy or legislative support, for the polytechnics in their emerging stages, all geared towards serving as the midwives of this major policy initiative.

We believe this is long overdue and nothing should stand in the way to start even if it is for a few courses in each of the ten (10) Technical Universities.

We welcome the Technical Universities Initiative and call on all to support the implementation effort of the Government.

Thank you.
Story by Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Abubakar Ibrahim | Email: [email protected]

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