Police place embargo on the use of uniforms in movies

The Police Administration has placed an embargo on police uniform given to movie producers to assist them in their various movies.

The Public Relations Officer of the Police, Superintendent Cephas Arthur, disclosed his on Adom Entertainment Hall show with Mike’2′ last Saturday.

He said the embargo became necessary when the administration noticed the abusive manner the movie makers used the uniform and other accoutrements.

According to Cephas Arthur, some movie directors do not do proper checks when the uniform is worn by their actor or actress in a movie but rather use it to commit certain criminal offenses to paint the police black.

Also, he said even though, movie makers could use the uniform to portray some corrupt practices in the police but not every time abusing the use of it.

Arthur questioned how some actors wear the police acting like a police officer dress anyhow. He said the police has it’s ethical way of putting on the dress: wearing the hat, and there are so many other things involved.

“Ideally, the region or the district level should refer the request of the uniform attached to the movie script to the Head Quarters for approval without any approval from any Police Commander at any region or district level”, he said.

He further said, in the past, the police were assisting the movie makers on set to do the professional thing when they wear uniform until it later realized they were practicing their own thing to abuse the uniform.

He maintained that, until the release of the embargo, no police officer has the right to give out the uniform to any movie maker.

Cephas Arthur noted that the administration was going to organize a seminar for the movie makers to train them on how to use the police uniform professionally when on set.

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