Police delaying justice for 23-year-old murdered house help

Family and employer of 23-year-old house help murdered in Dansoman, Accra want two police constables arrested for their suspected role in the mysterious murder.

Veracity Elorm Oteng was murdered and dumped in a swimming pool in a house whose walls are about ten metres high and fortified with electric fence. At every material moment, there are two security officers: a private security man and a police officer guarding this house Elorm used to work.

All those in the house 48 hours before and after the body was discovered have been arrested.

Joy News’ Manasseh Azure Awuni who has been following the case reports that the family of Elorm and her employer are pointing accusing fingers at the two police officers who guard the house.

Justice Tsekpo an uncle of Veracity Elorm Oteng says the last time he spoke to his niece was in the early hours of Thursday August 20, this year. His calls since then, went unanswered. On Friday, August 21, a male voice answered the call and told him the niece was seriously sick and asked him to rush down to Dansoman to pick her to hospital.

But Elorm was however found floating in the swimming pool in the house, police investigators told Joy News. The two security personnel on duty that day gave the same statement: they had seen the girl that morning but at about 10am, they found her lifeless body floating in the pool.

Her slippers and dress were left by a fountain near the swimming pool. Pictures of Elorm’s body before and after it was taken out of the pool available to joy news shows signs of injuries to the head.

“There is a sign of tooth mark round the cheek, then the [area of the] head close to the ear, has a deep hole there something like a piercing, then the left side of the head you can see blood all over the place, the blood coming out of the eyes with some whitish liquid, the nose also the same,” Justice Tsekpo describes her state.

The police also told Joy News if Elorm died that morning, as the police and private security guard said, her body would not be floating within two hours. A copy of the autopsy report available to Joy News reveals Elorm died from blunt head injury and subdural hematoma, a solid swelling of clotted blood in the brain.

The private security men in the house, Frank Obeng and Richard Acquah and a cleaner, Isaac Donkor have been arrested and charged for murder. The two police officers, Constable Clifford Atsutse and Constable Wisdom Trabulsi Agbemordzi who have been guarding the house are yet to be arrested.

Lawyer for Ato Essien, the owner of the house, Egbert Faible Jnr, says his client is worried about the slow pace of the investigation.

They have petitioned the IGP over the failure to arrest the two policemen on duty, he said adding the police administration “is delaying. My client wants justice to be done for the deceased”.

The family of Elorm has also petitioned the CID headquarters to take over the investigation currently being done by the Dansoman Police. The managing Partner of Fidelity Law Group, Elikplim Agbemava, has also expressed the family’s displeasure.

The autopsy report and police investigations have confirmed that Elorm’s death had nothing to do with drowning. The police have also said there is no evidence that anybody entered the house at the time of her death.

Ato Essien and her family were not in the country when the incident occurred. It is not clear who killed Elorm and for what reason but her uncle says she had reported having a brawl with the cleaner of the house but that was resolved long before her death. He also alleges sexual harassment from one of the police officers.

Joy News sources at the homicide unit of the Criminal Investigations Department say the two police officers were supposed to report on Tuesday but they didn’t show up due to communication lapses.

They hope that by the close of this week the two police constables will report to the CID Headquarters which has now taken over the case. But the family of Elorm say they are out of patience.

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