Police are sometimes ‘helpless’ when ‘okada’ riders jump traffic light

The Inspector General of Police John Kudalor says cameras will soon be installed at intersections to deal with ‘Okada’ riders whose wanton disregard for traffic regulations has become a metropolitan menace.

Speaking on Joy FM Super Morning Show Wednesday, he revealed the resort to cameras is because of the practical difficulties in dealing with the lawlessness of motorbike riders.

He explained, traffic police are sometimes helpless because they are torn between abandoning directing traffic and chasing the traffic offender and allowing the offenders to go whilst they stay and maintain sanity on the roads.

With the help of security cameras, technology will now help in doing the ‘chasing’. John Kudalor explained the plan is advanced and will be tested on a pilot basis.

The Inspector General of Police John Kudalor who was appointed last November engaged the Super Morning Show in an hour-long interview to discuss public concerns with policing in the country.

Land guard menace
One area of concern is the land guard menace. John Kudalor promised to set up a land guard unit to deal of the menace of weapon-wielding thugs who intimidate and harass land owners and developers.

The menace arises out of an ineffective land tenure system in which a parcel of land can be sold to three different buyers. This leads to conflict over ownership forcing land owners to hire thugs to protect their claim to a piece of land.

Sometimes, a legally registered buyer can be intimidated by land guards out of his title to a land. Usually operating in gangs these groups have also been reported of engaging in armed robbery.

He said the unit used to exist in the past but has died off. The acting IGP has expressed his desire to tackle the disturbing headache for land owners and developers.

The Land Guard Unit, he promised, will be revived in a ‘couple of weeks’.

Community policing
John Kudalor also explained why the police is falling on private individuals and corporate organisations to build police stations.He said it is not a sign that the police lacked resources but that it is ‘best practice’ all over the world for communities to support policing.

He announced that SSNIT is helping to build 40 new police posts across the country. He wants Ghanaians to show such ‘communal spirit’ especially as communities keep springing up at a fast pace.

“Government cannot do it alone…we all have to help” he noted.

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