Pilot Registration—Let’s Build Confidence in EC to Deliver in 2016


At Pilot Registration Centre At Ashiama, Tema

It takes on the average about 10mins to process one new registrant. This means only about Six (6) new voters per hour. This translates to about 48 new registrant per day.

The main bottleneck of the three tier process is at the second stage. This is where the filled Biodata is input into the AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Information System). It can take an average of about 15mins. The process includes (1) Input of Biodata (2) Taking fingerprint and storage (3) Taking of facial photo and storage (4) Validating of Biodata by the Registrant.

The EC needs to know the possible number of new Registrants per polling station and extrapolate that against the time per processing each Registrant.

This can help us to know if there is the need to increase the number of BVMs and offices to run parallel process to meet the days or maintaining single processing lines to increase the number of days.

EC can do a good job but needs to ensure that the voter register is validated by voters for November 2016 polls.

There is enough time for EC programs needed to ensure credible BVR as well as transparent elections for 2016. The most credible alternative to employ elections monitoring intelligence systems for all the 30,000 polling stations like Nigeria is a step in a right direction.

We need to watch closely and give our maximum support to the the Chair of EC, Mrs Charlotte Osei and her deputations to engender keenness in them to perform best for the country in 2016 elections. One clarion call is EC chair determination not to overlook other issues of credibility with the existing political parties to meet constitutional electoral requirement for participation and operating as political parties in the country.

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