PHOTOS & VIDEO: Blaq Aces & Forget Me Not Foundation Donates To Padre Pio Rehabilitation Centre

London based Entertainment Company, Blaq Aces on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2015 touched the lives of the people at the Padre Pio Rehabilitation Centre commonly known as “Ahotokurom” which means “Place of Serenity” in Cape Coast.

Blaq Aces Entertainment, an event organising outfit, which is under the tutelage of Henry Owusu Boakye and Albert Kwasi Osei-Bonsu donated items to the centre that is dedicated to caring for the marginalised, disabled and disadvantaged under their “Forget Me Not Foundation”.

“It’s our first time here. We decided to come and look at the place and come back in a much better way to support this institution,” Henry Owusu Boakye said when Mother Pat welcomed the team to the centre.

“Forget Me Not Foundation”, is a non-profit organisation founded with the aim of helping to improve the lives of patients living with HANSENS DISEASE (Leprosy).

“This people need some help. We flew in here to help as much as we can. We want to go back and do it again. We want to raise more funds and come back to do more donations,” Mr Albert Kwasi Osei-Bonsu added.

According to Madam Pat, the kids want to see that, people care for them and not only during Christmas festivities before they are visited.

“I think it’s wonderful that you have taken your time. Also … it’s not only Christmas to see your faces. It’s not what you bring; the kids need to know that these people are there for them.”

The group said their mission is to help improve the lives of sufferers of Leprosy by helping them live comfortably after treatment.

Items worth millions of Ghana Cedis were donated to the organisation. Dr Mark David Mantey whose both parents had suffered leprosy received the donation of behalf of the organisation and thanked the group.

He also reiterated the fact that, the kids wants to see more of their faces in coming years and not necessarily when there is something to be donated.

About Padre Pio Rehabilitation Centre “Ahotokurom”

During the 1970s, American Fransicans established a mission in Cape Coast and Br. Vincent Vivian became chaplain to the Leprosarium. Supported by Sr. Peg Rahilly of the DMJ sisters, his dream of building a mission specifically for Ankaful Camp was approved in 1979, built with the labour of the people of the Camp and in 1983 opened as the Padre Pio Rehabilitation Centre. The DMJ sisters moved in to live at the heart of what became more commonly known as Ahotokurom (Place Of Serenity).

The Centre worked with leprosy sufferers and their families with rehabilitation as a principal focus. There was practical and personal help at Camp, special help to resettle families back in their home villages and specific nursing or other care in the family life of Ahotokurom. Others with disease, disadvantage or disability came to share in the charity that Ahotokurom afforded.