Photos: Thousands participate in Armed Forces Open Day


In the spirit of strengthening relations between the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) and the country’s civilian population, the military barracks were opened to the public who were given a tour and helicopter ride.

The Armed Forces organises the open day every year after the Independence Day Parade to foster military-civilian relationships.

Some children and adults who participated in the event could not hide their excitement.

Some schol children queueing to board the helicopter

Most of those who got to flew for the first time told Joy News in an interview that although they were scared, it was the most memorable experience of their life.

“When the plane gained altitude and went faster, higher and when it reduced altitude everyone including myself was scared but it was a good experience,” one gentleman said.

“It was nice but I was very nervous,” another said after the ride.

Wing Commander of the Airforce base, David Nkansah said they are happy to show guests what they do.

He was excited about the number of people who tuned out for the event. The number he said, was a lot more than what they had last year.

He thanked Fanmilk Ghana Ltd, the Coca Cola Bottling Company and Indomie for their support saying “that is something that didn’t use to happen on this base.”

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