Photo of the week: When a nation focuses on buying luxury cars

Another painful reminder that Ghana is not yet Uhuru – freedom

In this picture taken by Adom FM reporter Maxwell Kudekor, a woman with nicely permed hair is resigned to fetching water from spirogyra-infested waters.

She lives in a community in the Eastern region and together with several others they contend with diseases and a diet prepared dangerously.

The need for more social amenities is apparent.
But the Ministers in Accra also have a bigger need. They need a Jeep, a Chrysler or a plush saloon car before they can inspect a road.

A bizarre ‘need’ shared among the ruling class, past and present, while this woman needs a borehole much less expensive than one of a minister’s many cars.

There is something wrong in this country. There is something wrong when people need clean water, while Ministers, government officials need a chrysler to inspect a road.

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