Photo of the week: The 70-year old woman who cleaned while the young sat on social media

Even in old age as her best excuse, a 70-year old woman found reason and motivation to clean her surroundings while other young people at on social media ridiculing the excercise.

The young talk too much. The old act too much. And this difference was seen during the national sanitation excercise early November.

The clean-up is a government response to Ghana’s worst cholera outbreak which killed 170 after infecting over 17,000 others.

The woman whose name is unkown was spotted cleaning her community in the Sunyani West district in the Brong Ahafo region.

The national excercise continues again on 6th December 2014. And if ill-health does not stop this old woman, she will join others to clean her environment.

For those who believe they pay tax to city authorities to clean up, this old lady should remind us that others have paid their entire dues to society but still find reason even in old age to give more.

Will you be found cleaning next month?

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