Perez Dome to turn ‘THREE SIXTY DEGREES’ in latest Nii Commey play

Easter is gradually closing in on us, and Nii Commey and his crew are assiduously rehearsing to stage Nii Commey’s very latest play, THREE SIXTY DEGREES.

 Nii Commey’s consistency and originality in each of his stage plays is stealthily setting him apart as the hope carrier for African Theatre. What sets Nii apart is the fact that he is a Playwright of many parts. He discusses very mindboggling issues that cut across socio-politico-economic issues.

 This Easter, Nii Commey takes his latest play with one of Ghana’s biggest auditoriums, The Perez Dome of the Perez Chapel International.

The night, branded as Laughter In His Presence promises to showcase  a typical handwriting of the writer.

THREE SIXTY DEGREES serves as a reality check on  all individuals and how easily we can judge everybody with the exception of ourselves. It’s a unique expression of infectiously hilarious moments; a gross display of hypocritical tendencies and righteousness mixed together. Of course, Nii Commey is addicted to his usual witty style of telling his story.

Coming from  his latest stage play BRING BACK OUR EX, which held audience spell bound with just a – three-man- cast, Nii Commey, hopes to sustain the momentum with THREE SIXTY DEGREES

Deaconess Allottey, a well-respected deaconess in one of the churches in Accra is under pressure to bring sanity to her home, considering the fact that  she is a role model in the church, and so it must reflect in her home. Paradoxically, as her single parent she is raising  two  strong boys, and she must keep her head above waters to ensure that they maintain the solid image of the family and their mother. But what happens when the story is not  always like that? Do you give up on your children?

 Who are those who are jumping into conclusions that nothing can be done about delinquent children?

Emefa is doing everything possible to get the attention of their Prayer Secretary, who seems to be too much immersed in the things of Christ;

Elder Sky is one of the Church’s Council Members is also the no- nonsense man  who is on every church members’ case should they serve  or do anything that  contradicts the word of God. Even if you are the Bishop of the house, get ready for Elder Sky

How do these characters, collectively come together to expose the contenders and the pretenders of the gospel?

The Perez Dome at Dzorwulu is the right place to be this Easter Sunday, because there is one surety- FUN IS INEVITABLE! 

 Mrs Eunice Tornyi, one of the actresses who is playing the role as Emefa is delighted about the play:

“I  am always delighted to be in Nii Commey’s and the Novelty Initiative productions, because our plays are so natural, filled with authentic humour and the originality is very solid. I promise our audience that it’s going to a real night of LAUGHTER IN HIS PRESENCE”

 So the date is Sunday 5 th April, and the time is 6:30pm. Just one show. You cannot miss this play.

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