Peace Council urges calm as it resolves religious impasse

The National Peace Council is asking all Ghanaians to refrain from comments that could inflame passions as discussions over religious intolerance in schools heighten.

The council today announced that it has begun serious dialogue between the stakeholders, in order to bring finality to the issue by end of March.

The Muslim caucus in Parliament petitioned the Council over what it says is discrimination against Muslim students attending Christian Mission schools.

Chair of the Council, Most Rev Prof Emmanuel Asante wants all Ghanaians to play a role in ensuring the mediation effort is successful.

“While efforts are being made to find a solution to the issues in question, the National Peace Council urges all Ghanaians, especially members of the Christian and Moslem communities to hold onto the values of our religious diversity and coexistence in the context of oneness as a people with a common destiny that have characterised our national life.

“The National Peace Council urges all Ghanaians to stand together as a nation and resist the temptation to embark on or support any religiously motivated violence.

“The Council appeals for religious tolerance without which different religious groups find themselves as enemies and as targets for hatred, discriminations and violent contentions,” he said.

Touching on the pending case before the Supreme Court, the chairman of the Council said he is able to mediate between competing interests in the matter without prejudice to the outcome of the matter by the Supreme Court.

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