Peace Council sets march deadline to resolve religious impasse in schools

The National Peace Council is giving itself up to the end of March, by which it hopes to bring closure to the simmering tension over claims by Muslim groups that their students are being forced to observe the Christian faith in schools.

The Muslim caucus in Parliament and the Muslim leadership in Ghana have approached the Council to find a solution to the raging issue as it appears that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the Christian Council have taken an entrenched position on the matter.

President John Mahama has had cause to issue a stern warning to school heads and institutions that infringe on the religious rights of students to stop doing so or face sanctions.

Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most. Rev. Professor Asante Antwi told Joy News the issue at stake is “complex” which demands that “we need to really talk and talk and try to find solutions”.

He said the Council will consider a number of issues, adding that the Council “hopes to address the issue by the end of the month.”

The Council is expected to hold a press conference on Wednesday to announce processes it has put in place to resolve the issue.

For instance, stakeholders of mission schools and the Ghana Education Service would meet for a “broad base kind of discussion” that would ensure that a consensus is reached.

“Let’s hope something is going to come out of it,” the Peace Council Chairman prayed.

Even though a concerned Ghanaian, Nii Lamptey has taken the matter to the Supreme Court seeking certain interpretations , Rev. Prof. Asante Antwi said it will not affect the work of the Council.

He also advised that the issue should not be viewed as a Christians-Muslims matter but a pure issue of religion in schools.

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