Pay Royalties- Music Users Told

ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER of Ghana Music Right Organisation (GHAMRO), Abraham Adjetey, has called on music users, including radio stations to pay royalties to its owners.

Abraham Adjetey, also known in the creative industry as Captain Abraham, pointed out that failure to pay royalties to music right owners means that the right owners are being deprived of their daily bread.

Addressing a section of the music stakeholders in Accra, he stated that GHAMRO will not hesitate to apply the law against users whose lack of respect for intellectual property continues to impoverish creators.

Legal remedies for public performance of works without authorisation include both criminal and civil penalties.

Copyright laws protect owners of works by granting them exclusive rights and ensuring payment when their creations are used. Key among them is the public performance right, a major source of revenue for creators.

He warned that GHAMRO will not spare any music user who refuses to pay royalties to the right owners.

Captain Abraham cautioned the media to cross check facts before publication, and not allow themselves to be used by unscrupulous persons with selfish interests.

He thanked rights owners for their support and encouragement, and promised to ensure their interests are uncompromisingly promoted and protected.

By George Clifford Owusu

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