Patrons Of Girl Child Clubs Braced With Mentorship Skills In Wichiau

Patrons of various Girl Child clubs in the Wa West district of the Upper West region have been taken through mentorship skills and skills on how to advocate for the girls. The two-day workshop was organized at Witchiau the district capital under the auspices of centre for community participation and development (CCPAD) a local NGO in partnership with Pronet North with funding from STAR-GHANA, under the initiative of Partnering for Inclusive Education in Northern Ghana (PIENG).

This workshop was organized to sharpen the skills of patrons of Girl Child clubs in the various schools across the district, in all it had twenty participants. They were taken though the rudiments of being mentors and how to stand up for the female children when they are being discriminate against.

The regional Girl Child education officer Madam Anacleta Naab bemoaned the perpetual discrimination against girls on issue of education by their parents she advised the patrons to continue sensitizing parents on the need to educating their daughters. ‘It is high time we realized the benefits of educating the girl child. If we give equal opportunities to them, they will excel in their education’ she added.’

On her part, Madam Veronica Nambie the chairperson of the Wa West coalition of Patrons of girl clubs told the patrons to exude confidence that would make the girls have trust in them in order to share their problems with them. She also admonished patrons to ‘take care of the girls like your daughters. Help and protect them since they are vulnerable’.

Most of the patrons who attended the program expressed their gratitude to the organizers for building their skills and pledged to work assiduously to help improve the fortunes of the girl child in the district.

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