Pastor Throws Out Old Lady

The belongings of the old lady

The belongings of the old lady

Reverend Stephen Azodem, the district pastor of Emmanuel Presbyterian (EP) Church at Nankese near Suhum in the Eastern Region, at dawn on Wednesday stormed one Abena Addobea’s house with police to eject her from the house, which belongs to her grandfather.

The head pastor, one Presbytery elder, Rev Dakudzi Joseph Wilson and other members reportedly threw out the belongings of Mame Abena Addobea, 71 years old, and her eight children. They sealed off the five rooms with padlocks and left the old lady homeless and in tears.

The act attracted scores of other neighbours who besieged the house to witness the sorrowful incident.

According to the district pastor, the house belongs to the church and that Mame Addobea had claimed it belongs to her late grandfather, Rev Philip Kwabi (the founder of the Nankese EP Church in 1915). The church, led by one Peter Atta Adjei, a former district pastor, took the old lady to the Suhum magistrate court to claim the facility for the church as a mission house.

DAILY GUIDE learnt that the court established that the property belongs to Madam Abena Addobea’s grandfather and not the church and so ruled that she should stay in the house with her children.

Abena Addobea, speaking to DAILY GUIDE, indicated that her late grandfather bought the land and built the 7-room apartment in 1915 and left it for her mother before she (Addobea) took over.

According to her, a teacher, Emmanuel Kwayisi Okraku, currently at Tutu-Akwapim, came to stay in the room where her things had currently been evacuated, for 31 years, but he (teacher) didn’t pay the rent because the then district pastor said the old lady’s late grandfather gave the facility to the church as a Mission house.

She hinted that after the teacher had left, she move into the room he was occupying with her children and the pastor took her to court that claiming she could not live in that particular room because it’s for the church.

She asserted that the court eventually ruled in her favour and that she and her children had been living in the house until the pastor and the church elders came to eject them.

When contacted by DAILY GUIDE, Rev. Dakudzi Joseph Wilson said that the four bedrooms belong to the church and not the grandfather as the old lady had claimed.

“The matter was taken to court, and they were asked to vacate the room; they refused so the church took a decision and we went to court to seek an order to eject Mame Abena Addobea and her children from the church mission house,” he posited.

FROM Daniel Bampoe, Nankese

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