Pastor Forms Political Party

The Head Pastor of the 21st Century Revival Ministry, Rev Richmond Owusu Frimpong has led the formation of a political movement that will consequently metamorphose into a political party.

The movement known as the Personality Development Movement (PDM) according to the leader and founder, Rev Frimpong has been formed to come into force to deal with the harm the two major political parties, NPP and NDC have done to Ghana after 23 years of democratic rule.

He also stated that the two political parties may have done their best but the harm outweighs the good because the two parties have only got old fashioned leaders who have run out of ideas and are only ready to engage in corrupt activities to enrich themselves.

‘The two administrations have done their best but the harm caused far outweighs the good. In recent times we have witnessed unprecedented corruption which has led to the breakdown of all institutions. At this present moment all institutions are not working, culminating into a lawless state and individualism’, he said.

Questioned on why a religious leader was trying to engage in politics Rev Frimpong averred he was shocked with the stance religious leaders in the country had taken about indulging in politics. He stated that they country needs leaders who would lead the country in the right direction and that was is why an all-inclusive political party like the PDM’s formation was important.

He added that PDM was a party that would not tolerate corruption and deviant acts since it would work on the minds of its members such that they could serve God and country with integrity.

The Personality Development Movement is a Utopian Socialist Party and its leader and founder Reverend Richmond Owusu Frimpong is a thirty six (36) year old who has been a social worker all his life.

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