Parents and teachers ‘invade’ Luv FM Kiddies Festival

Teachers and parents who brought their wards to the Luv FM Kiddies Festival could not resist the temptation of having fun at the event as they took part in fun games in what appeared to be for their kids.

The event which promised to temporarily relieve parents and teachers of their usual responsibilities of taken care of their kids saw them actively taken part alongside their kids.

The Luv FM Kiddies Festival offered children the opportunity to showcase their talent in a variety of entertainment to mark Ghana’s 59th Independence anniversary at the Banivilas Function Grounds.

While some of the kids entertained themselves with bouncy castle, luxurious electrical train as some of them cool-off in swimming pool.

It was all fun as patrons including teachers, parents and schoolchildren were entertained with choreography, drama, poetry recital and fun games like water relay and musical chairs.

First to set the ball rolling were students of Nana Serwaah Standard School at Anwomaso with choreography and drama, drawing patrons’ attention to the need to peacefully co-exist.

That brought almost the entire house on its feet. But there were more to come as Blessed Children School followed suit with yet another too hard-to-resist drama-dramatizing a porous political environment characterized by on-air heated political debates.

As the clock tickles, parents and teachers were left with no option than to join the fun train as they entertain themselves in water relay and musical chairs games.

But parents and teachers who brought their children to participate in the event were caught up taken part in water relay, musical chairs competition among others to entertain themselves.

For them, the temptation was inevitable.
“I am enjoying it because when my kids are okay; I am ok. It’s good to have this program each and every year so that at least, it’s not only about the academics but one way or the other they can also have socialization”. An elated parent who took part in water relay fun games said.

Another parent remarked,”I have fun. I have had some few laughs and I think it’s a good moment to relax and to have fun”.

Events and Promotions Executive, Louis Lamis, had earlier revealed of some add ups to this year’s Kiddie Festival which included free drinks and several gifts.

He is overwhelmed by the number of patrons who took part in what has become an annual event.

“Yes the numbers were great and I am happy we made an impact”. I am happy we managed to put a smile on the face of everyone”

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