Pan African Business Forum Speaks Against Xenophobia Attacks In South Africa

The Pan African Business Forum (PABF), an association of business executives in Africa has condemned the recent xenophobic attacks that claimed several lives in South Africa.

The business leaders expressed shock about the despicable act in Africa`s second largest economy, a success chalked as a result of the significant contributions of other African immigrants.

Dr Prosper Ladislas Agbesi, Chairman of PABF made the condemnation at a press conference in Accra.

The presence of immigrants he noted benefited South Africa a lot as recorded in the cash registers of most retailers and quoted Jacob van Garderen, a researcher as saying “South Afrcica would not be the centre for continental trade if it were not the influence of imigrants’’.

According to him a developing democracy like South Africa lacks the critical mass of skills required to develop hence its attraction for foreign skills which should be regulated.

Dr Agbesi stated that the xenophobic attack is a threat to the existence and susteinance of the African continent and urged all to condemn it.

“… it is unacceptable, inhuman, shameful and un-conducive for economic growth and prosperity of our great continent’’ he stated.

The Pan African Business Forum did not ruled out the fact that, external forces might be responsible for the attacks and warned that no external force with their evil mercenaries with an interest to return the continent to the Stone Age would be tolerated.

“We will identify and do business with those who love us, distate those who hate us and dislike those who are enemies of the continent. We are Africa’’ Mr Agbesi cautioned.

He appealed to all African countries and their nationals to remain calm despite the pain, eschew all bitterness and exercise tolerance as measures are taken to prevent future occurrences.

“It is only when a mosquito perches on your scrotum that you will know that every problem is not solved with violence’’ he concluded.

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