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Media the best ally to Ghana’s peace- Prof Asante


Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante, Chairman of the National Peace Council (NPC), on Wednesday said the media is the best ally to protect Ghana’s fundamental peace in the ongoing 2012 election petition hearing, post hearing and the final verdict of the Supreme Court.

“It is not for anything that the media is called the fourth estate of the realm and so for this to reflect in their duties, the media should strive to get positively engaged with all bodies responsible for ensuring peace in the country”, he said.

He noted that unless the media positively work with the NPC and other peacemaking bodies, there would be no peace in Ghana.

Prof Asante made the remarks at a Press Conference held in Accra by the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG), Civic Forum Initiatives (CFI) and the NPC, ahead of a Post-Election 2012 National Summit scheduled to take place on Friday in Accra.

It’s also aimed at engaging the media to appreciate that as the election petition was getting to an end, measures are needed to restore peace, as anxious supporters of the various political parties geared up towards the verdict.

He said the NPC, which came into existence in 2011, is mandated to work with other civil societies to promote peace in the country and it works hand in hand with the Ghana Independent Broadcasters’ Association (GIBA), Ghana Journalist Association (GJA), Editor’s Forum, and the National Media Commission among others, in taking the necessary measures to ensure peace in the country.

Nana Asantewa Afadzinu, Executive Director of West Africa Civil Society Institution (WACSI), said the theme for the summit, which is “Justice, Peace and reform will strengthen Ghana,” was timely, as it would reinforce the quest for peace, which started with the pre-election High Level Forum of November 2012 that culminated in the signing of the “Kumasi Declaration”.

She stated that the urgent motivation for the national summit, derived from the critical necessity of preparing the nation as a whole to manage in a well-planned, coordinated and effective way towards the aftermath of the 2012 Presidential election petition verdict, which the Supreme Court may deliver soon.

“In whatever direction the verdict may go, our nation will face daunting and complex challenges that may include but not be restricted to the potential outbreak of the violent reactions from diverse political actors”, she added.

She, therefore, advised that to avert any potential violence and damage to national cohesion and stability, the dialogue process that the summit intends to initiate would embrace eminent citizens, chiefs, former presidents, and leadership of political parties, youth, women, students as well as civil society organisations in the country to help in the promotion of peace.

She said the urgent force behind the summit included the NPC, National House of Chiefs, the Manhyia Palace, IDEG and the CFI.

Mr Emmanuel Bombande, Executive Director of West Africa Network for Peace Building (WANEP), said Ghana has the advantage of being proactive and so it was better citizens appreciated and worked towards her protection.

“Peace making must be the job of each and every one, every one of us must realise we all have a role to play and by proper education it can be achieved”, he advised.

He called on all citizens to appreciate that conflict is available in countries, societies and every aspect of each individual’s life, but Ghanaians should have the spirit of confronting theirs through better dialogue, education, sensitization programmes and positive information sharing to help peace prevail in the country.



Media the best ally to Ghana’s peace- Prof Asante

Mensa Otabil Turns Coup Monger


The General Overseer of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), who is seen more as a motivational speaker rather than a religious man, is now the latest coup monger in town saying, he can spiritually sense evil befalling Ghana within the next one month, if Christians do not wake up and pray for the country.

Dr. Mensa Anamua Otabil is quoted as repeatedly screaming, “We make these declarations – there shall be no civil war in Ghana…there will be no military takeover in Ghana…there will be no bloodshed in Ghana…there will be no coup d’état…there will be peace in Ghana…the land shall have peace and rest…there will be prosperity in Ghana…abundance in the name of Jesus.”

According to him, “I have a sense of heaviness in my spirit concerning the destiny of this country that there is something heavy ready to fall upon this country that, if we don’t take charge of that we will be in a different state a month from now,” he stated in his sermon to the
congregation at Christ Temple on Sunday July 14, 2013.

A certain Reverend Owusu Bempa, has joined the fray claiming on Adom FM yesterday that, he can also sense civil unrest in the manners of Kenya, Cote D’Ivoire and Liberia.

The ICGC General Overseer, who had confrontation with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the run-up to the 2012 elections, over the use of his audio tapes on “Free Education” and “All-Die-Be-Die” is on record to have once publicly declared that as Ghanaians prayed for the discovery of crude oil, he personally prayed against the discovery, because in his view, oil find would make the country and its officials more

Dr. Otabil has been a regular special guest speaker at the annual William Ofori-Atta Memorial Lecture, sponsored by Nana Addo, he is also the Board Chairman of Mr. Ken-Ofori -Atta’s Data Bank and a cousin for Nana Addo.

Ken Ofori-Atta, Budu Coomson of the UT Financial Services and one Atta Krofi of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) recently suggested there could be a coup d’état.

Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta is also a board member of Central University College, a university founded by Dr. Otabil.

Dr. Otabil’s statement is not the first from a man of God concerning what could happen in this country this year, particularly as a result of
the verdict from the ongoing presidential petition in the Supreme Court.

Dr. Otabil has never had any cordial relationship with the NDC. He called NDC supporters evil, marauding forces, surrogates, among other insults over the use of his audio tapes.

Under President John Rawlings, he said Ghana had a leadership challenge, but under President Kufuor he noted that the citizenry has attitudinal challenge.

The late President Mills invited him many times to the Castle for his regular interdenominational church prayer sessions at the Independence Square in Accra to pray for Ghana, but Dr. Otabil never honoured the invitation.

Under John Mahama, when pastors were invited to the Castle again, he also refused to be part.

Dr. Otabil did not specifically mention that his heaviness has anything to do with the ongoing Supreme Court case, but he warned that Christians needed to rise up and pray, otherwise the destiny of this country would change within a month.

He urged that the destiny of this country should not be left in the hands of politicians, presidents, parliamentarians, ministers, serial callers and political party communicators, but Christians should take charge of the country’s destiny to ensure that the peace and prosperity of the country is secured.

Dr. Otabil called on Christians to learn from Elijah in the Bible, who prayed earnestly for the destiny of his country and made declarations, which came to pass, because he prayed and spoke with divine authority.

“We need to take note that Elijah was just like us and he came from Tishbi, which is a village not found on any map till date – but because he prayed earnestly he was able to make a declaration about the destiny of his country and his declaration shaped the destiny of his country,” he said.

On the back of that message, Dr. Otabil led his congregation in a passionate prayer for Ghana, after which he made even more passionate and positive declarations about the destiny of Ghana.

Dr. Otabil also charged all churches to pray that there would be no war in Ghana and that people will not be displaced and that the peace of God will continue to reign in Ghana.

Contrary to the prophecy by Dr. Mensa Otabil that something evil may befall the nation in coming weeks, Security Analyst, Emmanuel Bombande is rather optimistic peace will prevail after the Supreme Court’s pronouncement on the ongoing election petition.

Mr. Bombande, who is also the Executive Director for West Africa Network for Peace Building (WANEP), told Joynews that, the leadership of both ND) and the NPP have demonstrated massive commitment to ensuring peace after the verdict is declared.

He said, the two parties have been working closely with the National Peace Council in educating their followers on the need to accept the outcome of the judges’ ruling.

Shy of engaging in any encounter with the prophecy of the man of God due to his limited knowledge on spiritual matters, Mr. Bombande will, however, not rule out the possibility of people alluding to anxiety ahead of the court’s ruling.

“The underlining optimism – not because of the analysis done by my organization alone but those done by other organizations working in support of the Peace Council – will prevail,” he maintained.


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Mensa Otabil Turns Coup Monger

Election Petition: FINALLY!!! "Battle Of Evidence" Ends…Court Adjourned To July 31


After 46 days (since substantive hearing begun) of evidence giving and cross examination of witnesses by both the Petitioners and Respondents, the 2012 election petition which has been pending at the Supreme Court for the past seven months is almost over.

The Petitioners and Respondents have been given up to July 30, 2013 to prepare and file their written addresses.

“At long last the battle of evidence has ended. So now we are directing both sides to file your addresses simultaneously not later than 30 July”, Justice William Atuguba, president of the nine-member panel announced on Wednesday.

Hearing has been adjourned to Wednesday, July 31, 2013 for the judges to ascertain whether the addresses have been filed with the Court’s Registrar.

Justice Atuguba further stated that the court will sit on July 31, 2013 when the address filing have closed and give further directions to proceed from there.

But before discharging, Dr Afari-Gyan from the witness box, Justice Atuguba sarcastically said, “I hope you are seeing that go to court, go to court is not such an easy thing to say”.

This was received with laughter in the courtroom.

The Petitioners – Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, his 2012 running mate Dr. Mahamudu and their party’s national Chairman Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey – filed to challenge the results of the 2012 presidential poll in the Supreme Court with reason that the election was fraught with too many anomalies which robbed their Candidate of victory.

The respondents in the case include President John Mahama, the Electoral Commission and the governing National Democratic Congress.

The petitioners alleged that gross and widespread irregularities took place on the face of the pink sheets from 11,842 polling stations.

Although they insist they supplied 11,842 pink sheets to prove claims of over-voting, persons voting without undergoing biometric verification, some presiding officers not signing the pink sheets and some polling stations having the same serial numbers, the respondents allege that they were not supplied with 11,842 pink sheets.

The petitioners therefore relied on 11,115 pink sheets to make their case for the annulment of more than four million votes.

The case has seen various witnesses on both sides including Dr. Bawumia, General Secretary of the NDC, international accounting firm KPMG and EC Chairman Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan.

In the course of the trial, two people – Managing Editor of the Daily Searchlight Newspaper Ken Kuranchie and a member of the Communication team of the NDC, Stephen Atubiga – were sentenced to separate terms in prison for criminal contempt.

Their sentencing for 10 and three days respectively sparked a whole national debate in the media concerning the law of criminal contempt.

The petitioners claim their investigation uncovered six main categories of constitutional/statutory violations, commissions, irregularities and malpractices, namely, over-voting, widespread instances of polling stations where there were no signatures of the presiding officers or their assistants on the pink sheets, in clear violation of Article 49 (3) of the Constitution and Regulation 36 (2) of CI 75, widespread instances of polling stations where voting took place without prior biometric verification, in breach of Regulation 30 (2) of CI 75, as well as widespread instances of the same serial numbers on pink sheets with different poll results, when the proper and due procedure established by the EC required that each polling station has a unique serial number in order to secure the integrity of the polls and the will of lawfully registered voters.

They alleged widespread instances of polling stations where different results were strangely recorded on the pink sheets in respect of polling stations bearing the same polling station code when, by the EC’s established procedure, each polling station is assigned a unique code in order to avoid confusing one polling station with another which could not be explained by a reference to special voting.

In a bid to prove their allegations of fraud, the petitioners served 24 boxes filled with thousands of documents on the respondents in the case as evidence.

Nonetheless, the EC has denied all petitioners’ allegations and insists the elections were held on a clean sheet and, therefore, President Mahama won fairly in the full glare of the media, local and international election observers.

President Mahama and the NDC, who are the first and third respondents, respectively, in the petition, also denied the claims of the petitioners.


After 10 sittings to consider and rule on more than 21 interlocutory applications filed by parties in the case, the nine-member court set out two issues for trial.

They are whether or not there were statutory violations, omissions, irregularities and malpractices in the conduct of the elections held on December 7 and 8, 2012 and whether or not the said violations, omissions, irregularities and malpractices (if any) affected the outcome of the elections.


After both sides have finished with their addresses, the court will fix a date for judgement.

It will then forward its order to the EC for implementation.

The EC will be expected to declare the results again, irrespective of the outcome of the court’s decision.

Rule 71 of CI 74 says: “The court shall, at the conclusion of the hearing of the petition, deliver its judgement and the registrar shall, within seven days of the delivery of the judgement, forward a copy of the judgement to the Electoral Commission.’’


Justices of the Supreme Court sitting on the landmark case are Mr Justice William Atuguba (presiding), Mr Justice Julius Ansah, Mrs Justice Sophia Adinyira, Ms Justice Rose Owusu, Mr Justice Jones Dotse, Mr Justice Annin Yeboah, Mr Justice P. Baffoe-Bonnie, Mr Justice N.S. Gbadegbe and Mrs Justice Vida Akoto-Bamfo.

A 10-member legal team, including a former Deputy Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Ms Gloria Akuffo; Mr Philip Addison, Mr Frank Davies, Mr Alex Quaynor, Mr Akoto Ampaw, Nana Asante Bediatuo, Mr Kwame Akuffo, Mr Kwaku Asirifi, Mr Godfred Yeboah Dame, Mr Egbert Faibille and Professor Ken Attafuah, represented the petitioners.

President Mahama is being represented by Mr Tony Lithur and Dr Abdul Basit Aziz Bamba, while Mr Tsatsu Tsikata and Mr Samuel Codjoe represent the NDC.

Mr James Quashie-Idun, Mr Anthony Dabi and Mr Stanley Amarteyfio are representing the EC.


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Election Petition: FINALLY!!! "Battle Of Evidence" Ends…Court Adjourned To July 31

Prof Mills’ Death Was Natural – Ade Coker


July, 24, will mark the one year of the passing of Professor John Evans Atta Mills, former President of the republic of Ghana.

Though the actual cause of death was not immediately released, many were of the hope that before a year will elapse, the cause of death would have been disclosed.

Some of the reports making the rounds then indicated that he died of throat cancer, a sickness he had been battling for some time before his death. Others said it was a headache and some even accused his then Vice President, now President John Dramani Mahama of having a hand in his death.

However, contributing to panel discussions on Peace FM’s morning show, ‘Kokrokoo’, Mr Ade Coker, Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) hinted that former President Mills died in a peaceful and natural way.

“Prof. Mills (late) was called by God to be with Him…he died of a natural death” he told Kwami Sefa-Kayi.

Meanwhile, arrangement has been made to celebrate the one year anniversary of the late Professor.

Choral Concert would be held at 15.00 hours at the National Theatre in Accra on Sunday, July 21 2013 to mark the 69th birthday of the late President Mills.

On Monday, July 22, there would be the launch of the Atta Mills Foundation and the first in the series of annual Atta Mills Memorial Lectures at the Accra International Conference Centre at 15.00 hours.

A wreath-laying ceremony would be held at the Asomdwee Park at 13.00 hours on Wednesday, July 24, 2013 to observe the exact date and time the late President Mills passed away. Then at 16.00 hours same day, an International Hockey Gala would commence at the Accra hockey pitch.

The programme further indicates that Muslim prayers would be observed on Friday, July 26, whiles the Seventh Day Adventist Churche would hold Special services on Saturday, July 27, 2013.

Also on Saturday, July 27, there would be a Foundation Stone laying ceremony at Cape Coast for the construction of the Atta Mills Memorial Research Library which will be affiliated to the University of Cape Coast, commencing at 09.00 hours.

A Non-Denominational Church Service would be held at the Robert Mensah Stadium (Siwdu Park) in Cape Coast at 09.00 hours on Sunday, July 28, 2013.


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Prof Mills’ Death Was Natural – Ade Coker