Paa Kwesi Mizpah And 8 Year Daughter Hijacks Neat FM Drive

Popular Kumasi based radio presenter, Paa Kwesi Mizpah, has finally joined Neat 100.9 FM – the newest station amongst the numerous radio stations of the Despite Group of Companies who have Peace 104.3 FM, Okay 101.7 FM, Hello FM and United Television (UTV) under its wing.

Paa Kwesi, formerly one of the leading drive time hosts in Kumasi who has spent over 11years in Kumasi; 6years with Nhyira FM under Multimedia Group of Companies as their ‘Ofie kwanso (drive time) host and also worked with ‘Anigye FM under Global Media Alliance for almost 5 years, has started garnering large audience in just two months at Neat FM with his 8 year daughter by name Baluta Baby.

Talking about the competition in Accra so far, he said that the competition is so smooth, and that he believes with hard work and God on his side, he will soon take over Accra by storm. Known in real life as Charles Essoun, he said that he got his name Paa Kwesi Mzpah from God.

Sharing his radio broadcasting journey, he said he was into mobile spinning in the 80s when radio was not in existence (and when he was in seminary to become a Rev Father), so he was doing more of playing at discos, parties, etc.

He narrated that when he completed school, he had the opportunity to work in the judicial service but he was still spinning and moving from one joint to the other.

“That time, my nickname was ‘Leso-Dee.’ One day, I was sleeping and had a revelation in a dream. It was a quote from Paul something…. I was shocked because it was my first time having that dream, so in the morning during Christmas, I told my friends that I can’t go and play anymore because of the Bible quotation I saw in my dream.

“I told them I can’t continue playing at discos. Being a senior DJ, they were not happy with my decision so I convinced them that, I will compensate them” Mizpah shared.

He continued that, he had to quit and start going to church whilst working in Court at Half Assini judicial service as acting interpreter – Clerical Officer.

In 2002, he had a vision that he will become a radio presenter so he told his friend Alberta Kaku (AKUBA) about the dream and he encouraged him not to doubt it. Paa Kwesi Mizpah intimated that two weeks on after the first dream, he had another vision in which he was being advised to stop the court job and start radio business; which also came to pass after a friend went to tell him about a new radio station called ‘Good News FM in Takoradi.

Talking about why he’s now with Neat FM, he said it’s God’s decision. “It was around 2002 Christmas season that the Almighty God asked me to leave my hometown Beahu in Takoradi to Kumasi and when I listened to God, I was blessed.

“From Kumasi, God asked me to come to Accra, so I believe he will bless me here too. When I was making waves in Kumasi, lots of Accra radio station owners brought offers, but because I listen to God’s directions, the choice according to what God says, very soon, the public will know the main reason why God brought me here” Paa Kwesi noted. He pleasurable said with just two to three months at Neat FM, I must say working with Despite Group of Companies is loving and a blessing.

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