Oyibi residents defecate in the open while public toilet is locked up, left to weeds and snakes

Residents of Oyibi Maamli near Adenta in Accra are left with no choice but to defecate in the open in the open despite having a toilet facility, because the facility has been locked up since its completion about ten years ago. 

The residents complain they have no place of convenience and question why the facility, which was built in the Kufour administration is inaccessible to them.

JoyNews’ Michaela Anderson reports that the building is overgrown with weeds which reach up almost to the roof of the building.

Furthermore, according to the residents, this has encouraged snakes and alligators, who have turned the toilet into their den but venture out to prey on residents’ chickens.

Allegedly, a chieftaincy dispute in the area is responsible for the facility being left to flora and fauna but other reports coming in also indicate that it may be because there is no water to flush the toilets, forcing authorities to lock it up in order to prevent bespoiling the building.

Regardless of the reason, it is evident that the situation is putting the residents at great risk.

According to one resident, “almost everybody defecates in polythene bags and throws them into the bush. So polyethene bags are a common sight in the community,” adding that “the stench is unbearable”.

The accumulation of the excrement, and plastic waste, besides creating what the residents and Michaela describe as an “overwhelming stench” can only be hazardous to their health.  

They called for the toilet to be unlocked as soon as possible to prevent outbreak of diseases.

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