Our Fame Must Benefit The Poor -Actress Fatimah

The fame and goodwill celebrities enjoy can only be of significant value if they are geared towards galvanising support for the poor and needy in society to become better and happier persons, actress and movie producer Fatima Ama Adeoye of ‘Aliya’ fame has told NEWS-ONE.

Fatima noted that persons of influence and fame have a huge opportunity to provide some succour to persons in need but in most instances, such opportunities are not put to the best use.

‘…fame comes with a lot of goodwill from even persons you do not know. I am of the view that the fame we enjoy should go beyond red carpet photo shoots and waving to fans everywhere we go. Rather we should be seen using our fame and influence to raise and gather some help for people in need.

‘Sometimes we overlook such little things but they go a long way in making changes in the lives of people. There are children who only need school bags just to encourage them to remain in school. Some need food, some do not have socks, shoes or even basic things like mathematical sets, exercise books, or even a role model they can look up to for inspiration; and those of us who have some goodwill and fame stand a better chance of influencing society, companies and even individuals to donate some of these things,’ Fatima explained.

She said such gestures of charity should be a regular thing but not an annual event reserved for Easter, Christmas or Salah periods only.

When Fatima was asked whether as a celebrity she was using her influence to set an example of what she was suggesting, she disclosed that charity takes a chunk of her income.

‘By my training, doing Zakat is compulsory and even before I entered showbiz, it was part of me and I can say God has blessed me for it. Even this Wednesday, I will be at the Asokore-Mampong school for the physically challenged. I chose Wednesday, May 6, because it is the birthday of my godfather, Nana Osei Tutu, and going out to give alms and gifts to the needy on that day is a way of praying for long life for him.

‘I do same at the least opportunity. I know many of our celebs are also involved in charity projects but a larger percentage of us are not into that; we wait for Easter. And all I am saying is for us to make it a habit rather than an occasional thing. The little things we take for granted may be the answer to someone’s prayer so we should not wait for a year before allowing God to use us to answer someone’s prayer.’

The actress has a dual nationality—Ghana and Nigeria—but schooled in Ghana.

She entered Ghana’s movie industry in 2012 and is currently raising eyebrows with her new movie, ‘Aliya’, which she premiered in Accra last month.

Aliya is doing well. My team plans to show it in Kumasi either in May or June. We are still working on the exact date but I would want to wait for a final date before I put the information in the media. What is certain, however, is that it will be premiering in Kumasi pretty soon,’ Fatima revealed.

By Halifax Ansah-Addo

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