Osei Kuffour Must Be Charged With Contempt

As far as l know, the Commission of Enquiry have not completed their assignment and any recommendations on their part are yet to be submitted to the president.

With this regard,any one irrespective of his or her rank cannot be judgmental to the commissions ongoing sittings.

Both the GFA President K.Nyantakyi and Ex- sports Minister Elvis Afriyie Ankra were made to sworn to the commission and only such body can judge what they said before them right after the final verdict.

What Samuel Osei Kuffour recently said on TV3′s Talk Sports,that”They did not tell the truth when they appeared before the commission, but I am certain that the truth will catch up with them soon.” It is an unpardonable judgmental and he should be summoned before the commission.

Look at Samuel Osei Kuffour, calling the FA officials arrogants – soon forgotten his past behavior that, he arrogantly complained about food in Black stars camp somewhere 2002 nations cup in Mali and in the process sacked by Coach Osam Duodu.

He has started criticizing the FA because Alhaji Grunsah nurtured him and he wants to show loyalty. For what he has said about the FA,l believed he is financially sponsoring Alhaji for the court issue. Samuel Osei Kuffour,statement that, Nyantakyi has lost ideas and must go is baseless -because, it was under this same administration – Samuel Osei Kuffour had a taste of World cup tournament where even his unforgiven error of back-pass cost the team 2-0 lost to ltaly in the group stages of 2006 mundial.The man must be grateful for the fact that,the likes of Abedi Pele,Tony Yeboah and the likes did not have such opportunity to play in the worldcup because the past FA gurus could not do what Nyantakyi has so far achieved.

He also incorrectly defended the players that they deserve that appearance fee and that we should not apportion all the blame on them.

Osei Kuffour,has once again forgotten that he once told the Ghanaian populace that prior to the 2002 nations cup, he did reject 200,000 euros from Bayern Munich not to feature for Black stars out of patriotism,so my question to him is why didn’t these current players exercised this same patriotism at the world cup?

He is turning out to be one of the underground opponents to Nyantakyi’s seat but no one can challenge him.l am done.

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