Osafo Maafo: My voice has been doctored for mischief

Former Finance Minister, Yaw Osafo Maafo says a leaked audio recording on which he is heard making tribal comments was “doctored, mischievously re-arranged and pieced together.”

In a statement issued and signed by his Special Assistant, Emmanuel Bediako Mamfe on Monday, the former flagbearer aspirant said the release of the doctored tape was a desperate attempt to divert “the attention of Ghanaians from REAL problems facing Ghana.”

While he admitted being part of a meeting in Koforidua  on January 29, the former Finance Minister said the comments he made during that meeting were doctored.

A tape recording leaked to the media by operatives of the governing NDC had Osafo Maafo allegedly saying he did not understand why only five regions should be endowed with all the country’s wealth and yet persons outside those regions are governing the country and controlling those resources.

But Maafo has denied making the comments. In a three-point statement, Mr Maafo said, “The alleged tape purported to be [my] voice has been doctored, mischievously re-arranged and pieced together, using modern technology, to create a false impression.

“This meeting took place on 29 th January, but this concoction has been mischievously released to coincide with and try to overshadow the recent successful “Wᴐn Gbo” demonstration of 18 th February.

“The release of this doctored tape is a desperate attempt to divert the attention of Ghanaians from REAL problems facing Ghana – widespread corruption, rising levels of unemployment, economic hardships and mismanagement of the economy.” 

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